Quite disturbing indeed, a Nokia phone of the current model… half  the price of the authentic brand??! Its true, the proliferation of the so called Nokia China is so vast ,  i even have relatives who have one or two. The scary thing is, they are almost the same in appearances, you can’t tell the difference. Not only that, most of  the Nokia China are dual sim type. meaning you can use two sims in one phone. How cool is that?  How come Nokia and other mobile giants have not thought of manufacturing dual sim type phones?

The fake Nokia is proving to be a force to be reckoned with in the mobile industry. Not only an exact replica of the real thing, It is also power packed with bluetooth  (the earlier version), a 1.3 megapixel camera instead of 2megapixels and higher, expandable memory capacity,  touch screen display (the real Nokia has none). it has another camera in the front (but its not the 3G type for video call) – its sole use is to provide a personal mirror to check your face with – a hightech mirror?!  and some has the capability to become… a personal handheld tv with its very own telescopic antenna! awkward huh. 

The Nokia N95 china was out in the market since early last year and it boasted of the same specifications as the genuine N95. However, its not a 3G video phone and can only deliver up to 2mp rather than the standard 5mp. and its not even wi-fi capable. 

personally speaking, Nokia China is a mobile phone full of crap. with no warranty and of disposable personality, i say lets cut the crap. Shall we?

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