Iphone 3G issues

The Iphone 3G is a great idea on paper, but a whole different story in your hands! Most people still pissed that they waited in line in a mall for 6+ hours and a friend of mine in another mall just walked into her Apple store in one of the malls and walked out with a phone in 20 minutes tops! One has since returned her Iphone 3G for a full refund to the Apple store and had to wait in line for that too behind several prople returning theirs too. Issues are as follows-thru my experience!:

1. Menus respond when they want to-I tried scrolling from one menu to another-No Response, then without my finger on the phone-10+ secs later the menu scrolls.
2. “0? bars of 3G signal strength then full strength all with the phone stitting still on a table.
3. Phone answered incoming calls on it’s own without any bluetooth device connected or paired with it.
4. Phone reboot on it’s own and display the Apple boot screen.
5. My old Sony Ericsson has much better call clarity, better digital pictures

6. Ridiculously horrible battery life-unless it’s not FULLY charged!

7. The phone struggles to switch from 3G to WiFi, to Edge. 

8.  Applications take forever to load. Yes, even the ones that come standard on the phone (Stocks, Weather, etc.)


In anyways, this smartphone has some improvements from the first released version:

1. The vibration is much stronger!

2. The speaker(s) are much better and louder

3. The phone is much nicer feeling in my hand. I much prefer this shape.

4. When the 3G works, it works pretty well

However, it is only YOU can tell if this so called SmartPhone is the one for you.

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