Freelance writing: how to improve your writing

You can always learn a few more rules to improve your writing. There are some people who wonder why they can’t get published on some site like Triond or Helium. I saw some articles that have 1000 words in one page. There were no space in between. I saw a lot of spelling errors. Some people use “i” instead of I. This is absolutely not right. Some websites will not publish your material unless it’s high quality. The content matters and the mechanics matter too.

Space between paragraph

You have to use a space for every paragraph. If you clump it all together they will deny it. A paragraph has five to six sentences with one coherent thought.

Use proper punctuation

You need to use a period at the end of every sentence. You need to use commas to separate out items. You need to use question marks when you have a question. Exclamation are rarely use in formal writing.

Spell right

You have to use spell check. It’s everywhere. You can’t send something in without proper spellings.


You need to have concrete ideas and specific examples. The more facts you have the better. You want to have content and you don’t want to have a whole bunch of meaningless words in an article. It has to be meaningful or informative. It has to be useful.

No slang

You can be denied if you use slang like, ” wow, oh, you know, for sure though.”


An article has to be organized. There is an introduction, a body and an ending. You have to have all of those areas filled in. You can write a beginning at the end or the end in the beginning.

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