Why You Should Write One-Stop Articles on Any Topic?

Many online writers write wonderful articles everyday on different topics. Sometimes they write about what they know most and sometimes they write just on the fly. Whatever kind of writer you are, it pays to know why you should write the one-stop shop types of articles on any given topic.

From Topic to Topic..

I find that it is easy to navigate from one site to another on the web much in the same way our thoughts wander in our mind. Similarly writers change their article topics regularly from one topic to another. If you are such a writer, have you ever asked yourself why you are doing so?

Many writers do not question this because they have built some beliefs based on observations on how other writers around them are doing. Let me tell you that these beliefs can be changed if you consciously tried to understand where you are going in your writing career and how your articles are doing.

Write More Articles on the Same Topic

Most of the articles people, who write, change from topic to topic but few write a series of articles on a given topic. This is because they either, know more on the same topic and write varieties of articles in that, or they intentionally find out more about that and continue writing. Some writers write more based on the success of earlier articles.

But let me tell you, no matter what, it is very important to write more and more articles in a given topic once you have written an article on that topic. There are so many advantages in doing that virtually everyone misses to notice them.

Importance of Articles Within a Topic

When you write more on a topic, you become a professional in that domain. You will acquire more knowledge and share more information to your audience. You will analyze a lot more than your readers or other writers could have done because they might not exactly be writing on the same topic.

Every individual on the planet is unique. Not only in their identity as we know well, but also they differ in their chosen article topics. A learned writer, expert in a particular domain can find variety even in seemingly close topics. This is because they developed the ability to spot the difference even if it is small in apparently similar topics in the same field.

You too can develop this ability if you consciously pursue in depth knowledge in any topic that you choose. You need to think offline and let your mind wander through those thoughts. As you go deeper and deeper, you will start not only appreciating the differences but also make the reader appreciate them through your articles.

Advantages of One-Stop Shop Articles

Writing one-stop shop articles means writing more and more articles on the same topic but differing in certain aspect. They often break down the topic further into subtopics and give all varieties of information in one-stop collection of articles.

Recognition as an Expert in Your Domain

If you write a one-stop collection of articles, the reader will appreciate you as an expert and look for reading more of your articles because he/she is more interested in the same topic and in learning more, than in wandering to other topics which will waste their time. The recognition of being an expert on a topic is very helpful in the long run. You can be expert on a topic that is unique as well. This will relieve you from feelings of competition from other writers.

More Page Views or Traffic for Your Articles

When you write more articles on the same topic there are lot more advantages. You can build a self-linking structure in your article collection that are on the same topic but still contain variety. Self-linking structure means linking from within your articles to your other articles on the same topic.

Search Engine Rankings for More Organic Traffic

This will help get more page views from the same reader than if you had written on different topics and still build self-linking structure. This will also help your articles get high page ranks in terms of Google search engine and also other search engines. This will help very much in the long run because highly ranked pages always get constant stream of visitors from search engines every day. Here by high page rank I mean that any rank above zero, for ex. PR = 1,2,3 etc. You need not worry about getting page rank of 6. It is not only hard to get, but also may not be worth the effort for a single article. That would be good though for your main website or blog.

Squeezing Most Out of Your Target Audience

There are also people who search for the information they want, by going deep down into their search results. Many visitors come to articles often because they search for more than the first ten results given by the search engine. And whenever they come to one of your articles, and find that you have a one-stop collection of articles on the same topic, they will checkout all of them. So you will squeeze more views from the same reader.

Make the Reader Feel Learned Something New

It does not matter which article they land on from the search engines. Just make sure that each of your articles has the quality of making the reader feel that they learned atleast one thing from the article. That will make them go ahead checking for more articles.

Now you know all of the advantages of building a one-stop collection of articles in your niche or topic. Why don’t you just start this as a new habit in your writing career? It will pay off very well in the long term!

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