How Writing as A Process Helps You Avoid Writing Setbacks?

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A particular process involving predetermined set of steps will kick you into action and stay tuned till you finish writing your first draft. Routine place or ways of writing can make you again distract to other things such as reading online.

Do you keep suffering from so-called Writer’s Block? Do you wish to write articles but never really get to writing? If you are in that group of writers then you need to change your fundamental beliefs about writing.

Writing is not a one step activity as many people would assume. It is in fact a process. A multi-stage process. There are several stages from the start of idea to the published article. If we identity these stages as part of your beliefs then it becomes much easier to avoid writing setbacks.

Many online writers start writing for Triond and Bukisa with lot of enthusiasm. Even webmasters and other online business owners write articles for article marketing purposes. But everyone faces this problem of not being able to write when they sit at their desk. Or not able to actually put effort for this even though they really wish to write.

Writing as a Process to Avoid Writing Setbacks

Though there are fundamental qualities like motivation, passion and self-discipline that are required for a successful writing career, this article is about writing even when all these qualities are present in you already. You may be putting these qualities to work when doing other tasks in life. But when it comes to writing it appears to set you away even before starting. Sometimes it feels it is not really worth it.

This is where it helps to break down the process of writing into several stages of a process and focus on doing different parts one after another. There is a popular saying that you can do things easily if you break them into smaller tasks.

Several Stages of Writing Process

When it comes to writing the several stages can be identified as getting knowledge on a topic, research or analysis, generating ideas for your articles, thinking about article body, actually writing down the article in a text processor, formatting it for the target audience, and finally publishing it at relevant website.

When you identify that writing consists of all these different stages and they can be completed one after another at different times rather than in one go, you will feel the light of the work immediately.

You can be easily spending time to study a topic. Subconsciously you will get knowledge from it. Later as you analyze the information gained, you may wish to do little more research. As you go through your day to day life doing several other activities your thoughts will flow automatically at any time and generate unexpected ideas from your mind.

You can note down these ideas after converting into easily memorable titles. Do not worry about writing that article body immediately. Save the idea to complete the article when there is time.

The Writing Process

Now the most important thing comes when you have to finish the article body. This is where many people are frustrated and end their writing career. Follow these simple steps to quickly write the article body.

First change your mindset about the time it takes to write the article. Don’t think that it will take half-an hour or an hour. Think that you will write for 5 minutes only and if continued for maximum of 15 minutes only. Once you are through the writing and pass first 10 minutes, the flow will continue and you will not regret writing for even an hour.

Then write down the title of the article in a word processor or text editor. Format the title for higher font and bold type so that your whole article will be focused around the central topic without any deviation. If possible immediately write down two or there sentences about what you wanted to write on this topic.

Now close your eyes and think about what this article is about and what knowledge you had behind the topic. Start with questions. That is when the flow of thoughts begins automatically. Questioning makes you easily pull information that your subconscious mind knows.

Write with the Flow of Thoughts

You must have already known all part of the article that you wanted to write or you thought about it earlier but in a different place and time. By spending only a little time with focus only on the article topic, its title and nothing else will bring all associated thoughts back to your conscious mind.

By questioning you will condition these thoughts to come out in a flow. Once you felt that you got all thoughts you can now start writing the article body. This thinking process shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Always write the first paragraph and even second paragraph to introduce the topic. Write questions if possible so that the reader knows what he/she will finally learn after reading the article. The reader will also decide if it is the right article that he/she wanted to read.

Don’t Pay Attention to Any Distraction

As you start writing and finish half way through you can see that you will want to complete the article. So you need to make sure that you will not be distracted in anyway till you complete the whole article. It may take 15 minutes, 30 minutes or even an hour.

Write Till You Feel Complete

Write till you feel that the article is complete with enough information you wanted to provide to the reader. After that format the article as you generally do with keywords, sub-headings, lists etc. Next things are easy to do.

The successful writing career can only be built through consistent habits. Knowing that writing is a multi-step process and constantly work on doing different steps from start to finish of the article makes writing easier than you ever thought!

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