Are parents or the advertising industry to blame for consumerism in children?

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Are parents or the advertising industry to blame for consumerism in children?

Parents do play a vital role in raising their children, in educating them, in cultivating good habits and manners including the creation of good dressing sense in them, stimulating interest in sports and other cultural activities etc. Naturally parents in the process of doing all the above mentioned things, bestow their love and affection towards their children. Therefore, since the interaction that took place between the parents and the children is rather in a friendly and affectionate way, naturally there is no scope for any forced learning and we can say that what the children actually learn from their parents is only by way of play way method and the children learn as much as from their parents according to their grasping power and according to the way and method of teaching by their parents. In other words children learn from their parents only in a lesser quantity and they don’t have much exposure to learn many things, since what they learn is predominantly interspersed or mixed with love and affection with no scope for exposure to the outside world.

There are many extraneous circumstances under which a child has plenty of scope to learn more about the world and about the current developments that is happening around us. Of them, the advertising agency plays a significant and major part in developing consumerism in children. Especially, the visual media coupled with more attractive jingles and colors, graphics etc with the imaginative stories, attract the attention of the children very easily and the tools used in the visual media plays a very effective part in it. From the moment children step out of their home, either on their way to school or the playground or when they accompany their parents to any place, they are exposed to innumerable ad boards that have been installed to advertise a variety of products, whether relevant or not.

Apart from that the children have tremendous exposure to the outside world from the drawing room of their own house through the television, telecast by umpteen number of channels and programmes. Particularly in these days, advertisers sponsored programmes are telecast in plenty in a more attractive and in a beautiful way, say every ten or twenty minutes that easily capture the attention of the young children creating an indelible impact upon their memory.

Another way of getting exposure of the children to the innumerable ads made by the advertising industry is by way of reading the variety of advertisements made in the number of daily newspapers, weekly and monthly magazines with special reference to children also. Whether the parents like it or not, the children are compulsorily exposed to a variety of advertisements.

The children having been exposed to innumerable ads are motivated to purchase books, toys, chocolates and other luxury things and the parents also out of their love and affection are obliged to buy and present them to their children. Therefore, naturally and gradually, children are exposed to consumerism as they grow and only advertising industry are to blame in this regard.


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