How to Make a Cheap Compost Bin

You will need a black plastic trash can with a lid that can be locked down. I think the one I bought was $10.

You will also need an electric drill or a jigsaw or even just a very sharp pair of utility shears or scissors.

A tube of bathtub caulking, clear or white.

Scraps of wire mesh from an old window screen.

Cut or drill holes all over the trash can. You’ll want at least 10 holes that are about an inch in diameter. Some need to be near the bottom, some in the middle, some near the top.

Cut pieces of screen to fit over the holes. You’ll probably want each piece to be at least a 2 inch square.

Put a circle of caulking around each hole and press a mesh square onto it. You can do this on the inside or the outside but I prefer the outside for two reasons.

One, the purpose of the mesh is to keep snakes out. If one of the squares comes loose or comes off, I want to see it so I can fix it asap.

Two, if you’re using the compost for organic gardeneing, you may not want it coming in contact with the silicone. However, if these reasons don’t apply to you and you want a compost bin that’s a little neater in appearance, then apply the silicone and screens to the inside.

Allow it to cure for about 24 hours. Now, you’ve got yourself a great method of composting. You can easily roll it on the ground every few days to turn the compost over, there’s aeration due to the holes and the black plastic will help the mixture heat up and compost faster.

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