Dirk Nowitzki: Mysterious Situation With Ex-Fiance?

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Is there a weirder story in sports than the Dirk Nowitzki and his crazy ex-girlfriend Crista Ann Taylor debacle? I don’t think so.

Two sources with inside knowledge of the situation reported that FBI agents in Texas have take recordings of threatening phone calls made by Taylor to Nowitzki’s attorney. According to ESPN, agents from the FBI’s field office in Beaumont obtained the recordings of phone calls that Taylor made from the Jefferson County Correctional Facility. The calls allegedly contain threats along with demands for money from “her former fiancé” Nowitzki.

When the story first broke, it was reported that the FBI was involved but evidently the FBI only became involved after the threatening phone calls were made. Taylor was originally arrested on a probation violation and a theft charge (she evidently failed to pay a dentist for $11,000 worth of dental work). It was revealed shortly thereafter that Taylor is pregnant and claiming Nowitzki to be the father. Nowitzki’s response was to file for sole custody of the child if it is proven to be his. This story gets more and more bizarre as the days go by.

While it’s obvious that the woman in question is a tad unbalanced – and that’s probably putting in mildly – it doesn’t exactly paint a pretty picture for Nowitzki either. There are several different sides to this story, but it’s clear that this woman had a relationship with Nowitzki and they became engaged. She lived in his home. He was her sole means of support – hardly a stretch for him considering the exorbitant amount of money that professional athletes demand. At some point, her criminal record was uncovered and she was arrested at Nowitzki’s home while he was at a playoff game in Denver . Nowitzki has been oddly quiet about the situation. He stated that basketball was his focus, and he didn’t want to answer questions about his private matters. Understandable Dirk, but then to bounce and head to Germany once the playoffs were over leaving this woman in jail and pregnant? Kind of sketchy.

Here’s the thing, while to the majority of us it may be a ton of money, to Dirk Nowitzki who makes $18 million dollars a year this woman’s debt was chump change. Why he didn’t just pay the debt, get her out of jail, out of his home and out of his life? There have been claims that this woman was not his fiancé, that she was actually stalking Nowitzki but the facts don’t add up. This is a wealthy man, if he wanted someone out of his home, he can afford the security to ensure that it happened. It’s clear she lied to him about her past, but it seems foolish on his part not to simply pay whatever it costs to make the story go away. Now it’s being dragged on and on and there will be a custody claim if the child is found to be his. Which means this story isn’t going away any time soon. Curiouser and curiouser…


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