Jon and Kate Plus 8: The Couple Files For Divorce

The executives at TLC are probably more than a little ticked off that Jon and Kate Gosselin didn’t wait until after the “big announcement” that they’ve been relentlessly plugging had aired before filing for divorce at the Bucks County Courthouse in Pennsylvania. The news is not exactly shocking to anyone who had been following the couple over the last several months. Their marriage has been rumored to be troubled for some time now. Regular viewers often remarked at how critical and nagging Kate could be and wondered how it did not take it’s toll on the couple. Now we know that it did.

There have been rumors for quite some time about the state of the couple’s marriage as far back as the first two seasons. It was reported that they would refilm interview scenes, and scenes of the couple being affectionate in order to portray a happier home. The children’s aunt and uncle, Jodi and Kevin, once a regular feature on the show have since come forward saying that things in the Gosselin home were not what they appeared to be. They suggested that the TLC crew had a difficult time getting enough footage to string together an episode. There have also been rumors that Kate made an agreement with Jon that he was allowed to do whatever he wanted as long as he showed up for filming.

For devoted fans of the show, it is no doubt a sad turn of events. Even if you despise the couple for whatever reasons, it’s undeniable that this is devastating for the couple’s 8 children. We can only watch and wait and hope that their parents help them through the aftermath without the cameras. They should be allowed to deal with the demise of their parents’ marriage in private.

Have we as a public finally learned that there is such a thing as too much reality? Kate mentioned during the season premiere that parents of multiples have much higher instance of divorce and that she thought they were going to beat those odds. She said over and over again in the “big announcement” episode that it would have happened anyway, with or without the show. But is that really the case? Raising 8 children is stressful enough to raise the odds of divorce even without the ever present papparazzi and constant cameras in your face. Add those things and it’s a wonder it hasn’t happened before now. Granted the financial situation for the Gosselins is probably a lot more comfortable than it would be for the average family of ten as a direct result of the show, but what price did they ultimately pay?

We’ll never know whether or not the couple would’ve ended their relationship without the TLC show, but I think it’s probably safe to say that the constant media attention didn’t help make a bad situation better. And now we’ll get to watch as the kids have to deal with their parents divorce. Because whether or not TLC continues with the show, it’s a safe bet that the papparazzi won’t be backing off anytime soon. And with Cara and Mady old enough to be aware of what’s being said about their parents in the media, we can only hope that the children get the support they need during this difficult time. This family may have officially overdosed on reality.

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