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The renaissance is a decisive epoch in human history. Its influence to a great extent still shapes the realities of our world of today. Generally, it is regarded as a period of literary, artistic and scientific renovation, which occurred in Europe from the second half of the 15th century to 16th century. It is a period of rebirth and revival.

By far, it was in the sphere of communication that this openness left a remarkable impact on the sands of history. The invention of the internet has characteristically changed both the structure and man’s conception of the world.

Our world today is fast changing and developing. The Internet is making our world a global village. One can comfortably reach any place without ever leaving his or her home. One can log-on to a digital library and conduct a research directly from home through a computer. One can chat lively with another person regardless of the person’s domicile on his earth. A host of other impossibilities before are becoming possible today.

However, one major side effect of the internet invention is that it can constitute harm to human interaction. That is, man directly relating to his fellow man, talking to him, experiencing him. The Internet creates an artificial world where man relates with the other without the other’s physical presence. People engage in unstable relationship often times with pseudo names.

Nevertheless, the pros of the internet invention are greater than the cons in all ramifications. Internet has become a necessity with people nowadays. Most of our communications are taking place through the medium of internet. It is becoming increasingly impossible to think of living without internet!


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