The Best Arcanists Spell Books for Members

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If You’re New…

To Funorb membership the best and easiest to use spell book is the stone. Go and grab your flame spells and get some wands. After you have 5 wands go and buy book of stone. Keep on playing rated games and trying different combinations till you have enough to buy full stone book and book of dark (not whole book only death bomb and the basic book) Have full stone in you spell book along with aura of decay, den of darkness, drain bolt, and death bomb.

How to use: trap and aura

Recommended arenas: Grassy hills

Detailed use: us mud ball on opponents. After stuck aura of decay it. If teleports use mud ball again and instead use death bomb on top of him.

Time: 60 secs. And above

Mode: team game

Players: 4

Semi Veteran

Now that you got used to the game and mem spells it time to take strategy into mind. My favorite strategy is kinda noobish but it gets the job done. (buy books that you need)

Spells: Full nature book except sanctuary and flurry, arcane flash, and summon storm spirit and flight, laves bomb, magma bomb, and shock bomb. looks like this::

Arena: Giants Mountain

Detailed use: ok if the opponent starts on top of the mountain flash him to the direction of the nearest water (flight if needed). If opponent starts on bottom get on the rigger side and use vine bridge to bottom close to him. The point is to let bombs travel down the vine. Then bomb him. If anything unsuspected occurs you should know what to do.

Arcane Veteran

You are now the arcanists veteran. You are the monument to the lower class noobs. Most of you would have accomplished a prestige hat by now. If not this we’ll help you do so.

Spells: full light, drain bolt, arcane zero, arcane gate, and den of darkness.

Arena: anywere with good hiding spot that minions can still be used to attack.

Detailed use: with zero shield all offensive attacks will be blocked. Summon pixies. After charge your familiar to full power(level 5) and drain pixies leaving you with 240 hp. Go into a hidy-hole and do protection shield. Then do sky ray on your opponent. Summon Pegasus. Then summon pally. Make pally mount Pegasus and get near opponents. Use pally sunder to attack the enemies. Use sphere of healing to the nearest wall when needed.

Just Prestige Noob?

For those of you who have just prestige wands may come slowly. So get your full cogs book and enter 10 secs. games. Charge cogs familiar to full and own them! It should be pretty easy. If you want you can actually re try my guide.

my username is::hollo457


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