How to Get a Continuing Education License

If you want to get your Real Estate license in Texas and you need to take Real Estate courses or if you are simply looking for an affordable way to renew your Texas Real Estate license, then you need to sign up with C.E.L.I.

C.E.L.I. is the Continuing Education for Licensing, Inc School, the leading real estate home study school, offering courses from textbooks put together at the Texas A & M University-Commerce. Students who enroll in this school can study online and take expedient online tests.  You can select the courses you want to take and can do all this conveniently out of your home, office or home-office.

Many students who have been searching for a quality Texas real estate school in order to obtain their real estate license in the State of Texas have come to C.E.L.I. since they have found that they can study and take their courses anytime and anywhere they choose.

Get a great educational experience and opportunity, and choose C.E.L.I. if you need to obtain your Texas real estate license in a short period of time. C.E.L.I. is a high quality, reasonably priced school, which gives students the knowhow and tools to get into the real estate business within the state of Texas.

C.E.L.I. schools are now serving the Houston and Dallas area, as well as other locations within the State of Texas.  Just call to speak to our knowledgeable staff, or ask us for an informational brochure. You can even make a personal appointment to visit our school.

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