Bed Wetting Boy a Problem?

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When boys continue to wet the bed after they have reached 3 years parents begin to worry, but often there is no cause for alarm. Many children, particularly boys, are not dry until they are about 6 years old and will often continue to wet occasionally when they are older. All children are different but if your son is not dry most of the time by the age of six, or younger if you have any concerns, you should consult your doctor to make sure there is not a physical problem.

 Babies have no control over their bladders, they have to learn to recognise the need to empty it. As they mature their brain recognises and controls the need. Boys are often slower than girls to learn this control. As a parent you can help by training your child to become aware when their bladder is full.

Some children are very heavy sleepers and simply do not wake up, while others have small bladders that need frequent emptying. Do not give too much liquid before bedtime, although they should have sufficient not to become dehydrated. Many parents solve the problem by lifting the child before they themselves go to bed. If your child wakes up and needs to use the bathroom, make sure he can reach it  easily or have a potty nearby.

Although night diapers protect the bed, they will not help with training. Bed wetting alarms are useful and older children may like to wear an alarm watch set to wake them periodically.

Some parents believe that regular bed wetting is a sign of stress and blame themselves, but this is not normally the case. Many children, who are normally dry, will occasionally wet at times of anxiety, for example when starting school or when there is a death in the family. If this continues you should consult a doctor.

 It is important to remember never to get angry if bed wetting occurs. It is frustrating to constantly have to change bed linen and night clothes, but anger will only aggravate the situation. A child should be reassured that they have done nothing wrong even if it is 3am and you are dog tired!

 Finally remember to consult your doctor if the bed wetting continues or you are concerned.

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