How to open an office and communications

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Upon beginning a new business. You will not have a ton of need for your business to have its own space.  Even so, you still need a “office,” inclusive objects like desk, the bills, the cards, and possibly pamphlets to be distributed wherever you happen to be.  This can be a small desk in the corner bedroom. If your business is completly online, this is of course as simeple as having a laptop on the couch. The costs here are the same as in an offline business, and they will be a function of their needs.  Do not pass up software that will help you just because of a small upfrot cost.  If you want to do part of the graphic yourself, Paints Professional Is only about 99 dollars in stored. This can be used for graphics on cards or your site.  (JascSoftware.Com) For accounting, Quicken is good.

For the management of mailing lists and shipment personalization, including sending emails, Easy Mail More is $50 and is an excellent election.  (For more information, see “Handles mailing Lists in an easy way”.)  Then there are other things, like supplies.  The printer plays a huge role in your office.  For competitive prices in consumer goods, try Office Depot.  Call 800-463-3768 for a free catalogue.

One thing that is a must is a Telephone. A direct e-mail is not sufficient.  You need a telephone and someone to answer it. Preferably a 800 number.  Even if you expect to receive few calls, this is a must, and will make sales.  Many people often call to see if a real person is behind the business because of all the skepticism on the internet today.  If there is no telephone, you may have just lost a sale. Some think that voice answering service is a reasonable alternative, but it will not help if you cannot return calls quickly.  If you have a spouse or partner that can answer, this is a great alternative.  If not, it is easy to find someone in your area to act as a stand in secretary, you can even have you 800 number redirected to the cell phone of your choice. This simple step will put you miles ahead of the every day joe trying to make it on the internet. You will have a resource that not many have, and if you recieve few calls, you can easily be the secretary and save an additional cost.

  1. All in all, communication if very important if you plan of your business to be a success on the internet.  This is an excerpt from

-Brandon Cobb aka Darksun22


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