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Health is life. One major way to make sure one is living a healthy life is by regulating the amount of food items that enters the mouth down to the stomach. Having a well defined low fat diet could be helpful.

A low fat diet is a pre-planned and well selected food items aimed at helping the consumer minimize his or her weight in order to look much more attractive. It is aimed at reducing the fat content of food items being consumed on daily basis.

Components of a Low Fat Diet

Low fat diet comprises of the food items to be eaten often, those to be avoided entirely and also those to be taken in little quantities. Cholesterol is an important component that aids the overweight nature of many people. Hence, a good low fat diet helps in lowering the cholesterol level.

Generally, food items fall under categories like cereals food, vegetables, fish and meat, drinks, and dairy products. In a well prescribed low fat diet, it is advisable to eat more of vegetable fruits such as oranges, pineapples, apples and so on. Diary products like milk are to be taken in little quantities. Red meats are to be completely avoided. Foodstuffs with high carbohydrate content are to be taken in little quantities. Alcoholic drinks are to be avoided completely.


Seeking for a diet instructor is good but a little common sense well applied could be helpful. We have all fallen to the bad habit of eating junk food. We need to try and overcome this little by little if we want to be healthy and not gain excess weight.


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