Intertwined, Part II

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Chapter 3 – Erupting Visions

He finished dinner quietly. The waitress smiled widely as he handed her the tip. He sauntered slowly out to his car and effortlessly slid behind the wheel. “I should go home.” he thought as he sighed deeply. But he knew he wouldn’t. He started the car and headed back to the church like so many nights before over the past few weeks.

Three days after he found out he returned to their house packed his belongings and moved out. He just couldn’t reconcile what had occurred. It took several more days before he would speak to either of them again. He remembered what he felt when he first opened the door. For a moment he was aroused, but shock and the feeling of betrayal over took him.

For over a month there have been texts, emails, phone calls, lunches and dinners between the three of them. Relentless conversations an proposals of how they could move forward, instead of a “normal” couple but now a threesome. Options, there were so many options. He could watch, or he could participate. Another option was that Madysin could spend three nights with him and three nights with Skye. His head was spinning. Was this really happening? Surely this was some kind of nightmare and he was just dreaming.

Over the last week he had been distant. Chace has battled within himself in how to proceed. One night at dinner he talked to a longtime friend and colleague about the situation. His friend called him an idiot for not climbing into the bed with the girls immediately. “My God Chace, that is every man in America’s fantasy isn’t it?” he remembered his friend saying. But that was easy for him to say. And at one time he would have thought the same thing. Both Madysin and Skye claim he is being ridiculous. They say with time and “practice” they could work it out. Maybe they could in time. However at this point it was highly doubtful.

He still felt the darkness rising inside of him. It was pulling and luring him further and further down. Somewhere in the back of his mind he started to hear a inner voice. The voice conjured up deep feelings that were at times overwhelming. Anger. Loss. Sadness. Hate. Animosity. Frustration. Pain. Pain that ran through every fiber of his being. How could they do this to him. Yes he had neglected Madysin emotionally, but when you are building a future sacrifices must be made. What had she sacrificed? Where was her contribution of blood, sweat, and tears? Suddenly in a flash he was overcome with a most vivid image. He saw both Madysin and Skye, they weren’t moving. They were surrounded by something thick and dark. Chace rubbed his eyes, searching for focus. Then it started to become clear. There they were surrounded by blood. It was a thick deep crimson. He could see that now. And then in another instant it was gone. “Whoa!” he exhaled as he wiped sweat from his brow. “Where did that come from?” he thought.

He arrived back at the Church without incident. No one saw him go in as usual. He took his place in the balcony window and sighed. What was he doing here? It had been three weeks now since he had first snuck into this building and watched his old house. There was no break though or simple solution that presented itself. He was just as confused now as he had been when he came home that fateful night. He knew it was his choice alone to leave the house. Even still he couldn’t help get swept up in the sadness and loss. He missed their house. He missed little things that he had always taken for granted. He missed the soft, sensual sent that seemed to float on Madysin’s skin. He missed how she combed her hair. More than anything he missed feeling her hands caress his body as they lay in bed with her firm breasts pressed into his back and her legs rubbing against his own. He missed Skye too. He missed being able to confide and trust in her. He missed hearing her carefree laugh.

But now all that he missed seemed so out of reach. It seemed so far removed that he didn’t know if he could ever find his way back. He often sat and envisioned Skye and Madysin all cuddled up in his bed after they had moved out of his line of sight and turned out the lights in the living room. He closed his eyes and his head pressed against the window sill. Their silhouette’sdanced inside his head. He could see them embracing and kissing ever so softly. He could see Skye running her fingers through Madysin’s dark brown hair. He could hear their heavy breathing with distinct clarity. He saw their garments slowly slide down each of their bodies.

Panting. Sweating. Moaning. Groping. Kissing. Breathing.

Then he imagines Madysin leading Skye toward the bathroom. He can hear the shower running and the water beating hard on the tile. The steam is rising and floating all over their naked bodies. He hears the glass door snap shut. At first he can only see their outlines through the glass. He sees a hand pressed against the glass and slowly sliding down. He can hear the moans getting louder. Like the blink of an eye the door blocking his view is transformed. It’s as though he is perched on a chair within the shower watching him. Skye’s hands tracing the long outline of Madysin’s body. Soap bubbling between her fingers. Madysin, now facing Skye extends her arms to the top of the shower door and tightly she holds on. As Skye slides her slender fingers between Madysin’s legs she lets out a needful “AAAaaahhhh.” from her sweet lips. Madysin pulls Skye toward her and they begin kissing. Deep and soulful. Their tongues dancing back and forth in and out of each other’s mouths.

BAM! BANG! POP! Chace is snapped back to reality. His eyes get back into focus and he sees a car speeding down the street backfiring. It sounded rough and loud as it rambled by. He runs his hand though his curly hair. Soaking in sweat, he inhales a deep breath and exhales slowly. That was intense, almost real. He looked out the window only to see the living room light out and Skye’s car was gone. Maybe he should go to the house and see if Madysin was awake. He would love nothing more than to crawl into what used to be his bed and feel her soft embrace. Maybe they could make it work somehow. Couldn’t he just give in?

Once again he felt the darkness starting to surround him. He felt as though he were being pulled down very deep. He closed his eyes once again in an attempt to shake it off, but to no avail. The darkness now surrounded him completely. Then as his eyes focused he was standing in something thick and sticky. As he tried to walk it felt as though it was becoming paste like. Then the color started to come into view. He saw the two bodies lying on the floor, once again surrounded by something dark. As he moved closer he realized the thick and sticky fluid was coming from the bodies. Their faces started to come into focus. It was Madysin and Skye lying in a still embrace. Suddenly Chace knew the fluid type paste was blood. First it was dark and deep then it became like crimson.

Chace opened his eyes and he was shaking and breathing hard. Enough……he had to get out of here. Sleep, that’s what he needed. He was just over taken by exhaustion and the strain from the situation. He had to get a grip on this. He was beyond frustration and desperately trying to succumb to the pain. He chastised hisself for having too vivid an imagination. Once again Skye’s words rang in his ears, “Chace, sweetheart, you are making this more difficult than it has to be. You are being ridiculous. We can get though this, it is just going to take time and it is going to be work.” But he just didn’t see it that way, he couldn’t.

Chapter 5 – Blood, Wine and Fire

Effortlessly he took the wine bottle by the neck. Skye was getting ready to rinse the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. She never noticed as he approached her until it was too late. He shook from the cracking sound her head made as it absorbed the impact from the bottle. Skye’s body made a thud as it slumped on the floor. Think about that. Chace laughed to himself and he turned and walked toward the living room. He remembered a stash of rope he had in the cabinet in the hall. It had been there since he moved in. He had used it to secure blankets around certain pieces of furniture and artwork to protect it from being scratched. Quietly he slipped the door open and slid out an arms lenght of rope.

He was careful as he entered the living room to notice Madysin. She was facing the CD player with a CD case in her hands. She had turned up the volume so she didn’t notice his footfall as he entered the room. Chace moved in behind her, almost breathing down her neck. Teasingly he tapped Madysin on the shoulder. She sat the CD case on the top of the player and turned to meet his leering gaze. A little startled she said, “Oh, Chace. I hope this music is ok.” The beat was slow and rhythmic. There were no words. “It’s fine.” he said as he stepped closer to her. She stumbled as she tried to step around him to move toward the sofa. “So, how are you really?” she asked a little shaken. “I’ve never been more clear.” he said with a disturbing grin. “Why don’t you have a seat, I’ll go see what’s keeping Skye.” she said. “Skye’s fine. Do you no longer wish to be alone with me?” Chace asked. “Don’t be silly.” she replied.

“LIAR!” Chace yelled as he struck her with the back of his hand across her face. Madysin stumbled backwards instinctivly grabbing her cheek. Tears began to well up in her eyes. Violently he shoved her onto the sofa. She tried to get up, but she wasn’t fast enough. He was sitting on top of her in a split second it seemed. “Chace, please….” she began to cry. “Please what baby?” Chace sneered. “Please go back to work and let you play house with my best friend? A WOMAN? YOU KNOW YOU COULD HAVE MENTIONED THAT YOU WERE INTO CHICKS IN THE BEGINNING.” he began to yell. Sobbing heavily Madysin said, “Ch..aasce, iit waasn’t liiike that. Iii Diidnn’t…” Cutting her off he said, “You didn’t mean to what? Lie or Cheat, which one is it? I would have given you anything you ever wanted!!!” he sneered. “Iii nneeded afffection, you, you were b-busy.” she cried. “Damn right I was busy. I was busy securing our future. But I guess that didn’t matter to you. You just couldn’t wait for me to leave so you could crawl all over our bed with Skye, ADMIT IT!” he responded angrily. “You-you don’t und-d-derstand.…” she begged. “No you don’t understand.” he growled.

He slid his hands around either end of the rope. Madysin tried in vain to get up. He wrapped the rope around her neck and began to pull. She tried to pull the rope off her neck as she gasped an lost breath. The more he could see she was weakening the tighter he pulled the rope. Her eyes began to glaze over and then she began to fall limp. Her hands slid toward her side as she gasped her last breath. He held to rope taut a few more minutes just to be sure. Pleasure began to mix with the darkness that now had control. He felt for her pulse……nothing. Relief passed through him as he stood up. Just as he had filled with darkness, he now filled with red, red, rage.

He went to the kitchen and knelt down by Skye. He searched for her pulse and found it to be faint. Little did it matter to him. Soon she would be as lifeless as the other. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the knife block and suddenly it was clear. Just as they had ripped his heart from his chest, he would now return the favor in spades. He slowly slid out of his clothes and let them fall to the floor. He walked over to the counter and selected a knife. Skye began to moan and stir. He straddled her. He brought the knife up past his shoulder and quickly drove it down into her chest repeatedly. Over and over he stabbed her. Finally he stopped. He paused to look at his blood soaked hands. He glanced at the knife in his hand and let the power he now felt run through his veins.

This only fueled him further. He went into the living room and drug Madysin off of the couch and back to the kitchen. Over and over he stabbed her. When he was finished he slid her body over to where Skye’s body laid. He turned their heads to face each other, he placed their arms hand in hand and he laced their fingers together. Then he placed Madysin’s leg over Skyes and left them intertwined. He stood over them and watch the blood run from their bodies and cover the floor. He now felt complete. He turned and headed toward the shower. 

He stepped under the hot water. The blood was sticky against his skin. Somehow that didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. His pain had subscided. There was no turning back from this. He had opened a deep door inside himself that now he knew he would never close. The steam began to rise around him and he invited it. He no longer had the urge to feel the sting of cold water. Now he craved only a heat that could only be quenched by burning…… fire.

He got out of the shower and began to dress. There was only one thing left to do.  He went to the garage and picked up a can of gasoline.  He also grabbed the two bottles of lighter fluid.  He looked out the living room window and made sure that no one was stirring on his street.  Still quiet.  He doused the curtains in gasoline.  He poured it over his carpet and furniture .  He made sure he hit every room.  He went to the kitchen.  He carried the gas can and the containers of lighter fluid into the kitchen.  Blood was spattered on the cabinets and had flowed over half of the floor.  He was careful not to step in it.  He sat the gas can as near their bodies as he could.  He removed the lid off of the ligher fluid and slung the bottle back and forth across the room until it was empty.  With the other bottle he soaked his shirt and, pants, and socks he had worn earlier in the evening.  He tossed the pants and shirt on top of Madysin and Skye’s bodies.  He took one of the socks and lit it and tossed on top of the clothes.  It began to ignite and burn.  He walked into each room and set one item on fire.  Then as quietly as he came in…..he soon left.

Epilogue – The Dark Resolution

The darkness had completly taken over.  He was Chace, but yet he was changed.  He was power, he was control.  Never again would he ache and hurt as he had before.  For now his pain was gone.  He knew it would resurface at some point and he would have to take care of it again.  He would worry about it when the time came.  Now he just enjoyed the complete freedom he felt.

By the time he moved his car and made it back the flames were on their way to engulfing the house. He had to come back to the Church for one more look. Smoke was creeping inside the empty building. He could hear sirens in the distance. As he stood in the shadows and looked out the window he notice his neighborhood had began to stir. Had anyone seen him? It mattered little now. Soon someone would look for him. This was his house you know. The voice inside him now spoke loud and clear and he knew what he had to do. He would go to a bar….find a beautiful girl….get her trashed and have her wake up in his bed. She wouldn’t remember what time they met exactly. Over breakfast he would make sure he planted a vague memory of dinner sometime after six. The sirens were turning onto his street. Now was the perfect time. He crept out the back of the church and headed unnoticed back to his car. He cranked his stereo up and drove off into the night.


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