Intertwined, Part I

Chapter 1 – The Beginning

Chace sat in the upper balcony of the church across from her house just as he had many nights before. Waiting……….watching………and thinking about where it all went wrong. A year ago life had been great. He had it all. Great job, great girl, and the perfect best friend. In one fell swoop it all changed. He had given them the illusion that there was friendship, a lifeline of hope. At least it was something. Over time the darkness built inside him. He was unaware that is was welling up and starting to completely take over and alltogether consuming him.

They looked so happy. Even blissful you might say…..No…..No….that’s not it – they were in love. He longed for Madysin to look at him the way she now looked at her new lover. He had thought if he dove himself into his career at the law firm that he could build a complete life for them that was above all financially secure. But the long hours turned to long nights. He neglected the one thing that he should have paid the most attention to. He couldn’t blame them when it came down to it. He left the door wide open, the lovers just happened to walk through it. Over the years he had friends who had close to the same experiences as he was now going through. Those that were in what they thought were strong relationships, only to have it end because of an affair. But while these situations were similar, they lacked in comparison. His lover left him for his best friend but, his best friend was a woman.

Chace and Skye met in first grade. They bonded in friendship in what Chace always believed was a union that could never be broken. Growing up they climed trees, played football, and rode dirt bikes. Skye was always uniquely beautiful, but in high school she dated very few guys. She always made excuses why the men in her life didn’t fill the needs she had. The summer before their junior year Skye’s parents sent her away to a girls finishing camp. There she was supposed to be armed with the skills of becoming a lady. It was there she found her true self. Skye was attracted to women. She always had been, she just didn’t know that was it. She had a short relationship with a girl at camp. Finally she was able to find her release and to embrace the feelings that had so long confused her. Chace remebered holding her as she cried over the sorrow of having left behind the girl who had opened her up to so much. Their bond was only greater.

As Seniors, Skye was ever bit just like one of the guys, just like she had always been. The difference now was that she stood strong and wasn’t afraid to follow her inner urges. They went to clubs together and checked out all the hot chicks. They helped each other through all of each others dating high and lows. He never thought this was a low they would ever experience together.

When Chace began dating Madysin he couldn’t wait to introduce her to Skye. It was his first year at the firm. Skye always being the free spirit who didn’t choose to follow the path of corporate america. Skye was an amazing artist. After college she traveled to Europe to develop her art skills. When she came home she opened her own gallery. She did very well. Madysin was a beautiful and outgoing girl. He knew she would fit in well with his friendship with Skye. They were like peas in a pod. They hung out, went to dinner, and movies. You name it. Three people enjoying all that life had to offer together. Skye dated often and usually not the same person twice. He never thought Skye would settle down, least of all with his girlfriend. But it happened just the same and it had been his choice. Now he was the one trying to fit in.

Buuuzzz…….Buzzzzzzz…..Chace nearly jumped out of his skin when the phone vibrated in his pocket. He looked at the phone, it was Skye. “Hello.” he answered. “Hey Chace, It’s me. How are you?” Skye asked. “Good, just lost in work as usual. What’s up?” he replied. “Nothing much. Maddy and I were just wondering if you would come for dinner tomorrow, around 6:30.” she said whistfully. “Dinner? Umm…” he hesitated. “Come on Chace, I won’t take no for an answer. You know how stubborn I am.” she laughed. “I know exactly how stubborn you are. I guess I could stop by for a bit.” he sighed. “Chace, I really want to make this work and in order for that to happen we all have to be involved.” she chided. “It’s not that easy for me Skye!” he snapped. “All I am asking you to do is try. We all agreed to take it slow.” she responded. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to be cranky. I will try. I will see you at six-thirty.” he said as he quickly snapped the phone shut. “Taking it slow. I see you two are going at it really slow” Chace thought to himself angrily as he watched Skye shove her phone in her pocket as Madyson moved in for a kiss and a long embrace.

Slowly Chace turned away from the window. He needed a break and he was hungry. He felt bad for deceiving Skye by making her think he was at work. But, there is no way Skye or Madysin could find out he had been watching them all these weeks. He feared their reaction, but he couldn’t help himself. He was trying to find understanding. He thought if he watched from a far he could find the understanding he sought. He made his way down the stairs and out the rear church door. Quickly he got in his car and started it. In just a moment a song by Atreyu began to fill his ears.

“Who’s sleeping on my side of the bed tonight?
Have you ever cried so hard? Baby you just died.

Who’s sleeping on my side of the bed tonight?
Have you ever cried so hard? Have you ever cried so hard?”

Chace slammed the car in gear and sped away.

Chapter 2 – Painful Memories

He sat in the restaurant all alone, just like many nights before. He liked the quiet ambiance, it gave him more time to sit and think. He remembers the night that his life unraveled. He had been out of town on business for three weeks. He was home a day earlier than expected. His plane landed just before dark. He thought it would be wonderful to grab some flowers on his way home and surprise Madysin. It had been so long since he had given her any surprises. He saw Skye’s car parked along the curb in front of his house when he arrived home. Typical, he laughed inspite of himself. He really should have called. Showing up early like he was, he shouldn’t be surprised she had already made plans. As he pulled in the driveway he noticed the house looked awfully dark. He thought maybe they were gone in Madesin’s car. He figured he would go ahead and call her once he got settled inside.

The living room was dark. He sat his keys and the flowers on the table in the hallway. He made his way toward the bedroom where he noticed a flickering light, was it candle light? He heard soft moans and whispers. Slowly he opened the door wider. Instant shock ran through every fiber of his being. There they were Madysin and Skye naked and intertwined in each other so deeply that they didn’t even notice Chace standing there. He watched them momentarily fighting the urges of arousal. Madysin sat proped up with her arms behind her and her head back, eyes closed and moaning so sweetly. Skye sat facing the opposite kissing and nibbling down Madelyns neck and toward her shoulder. Reality hit Chace with a bang. “What the hell is going on here?” he exclaimed. “Chace!” Madysin shouted as she abruptly set up. Skye winced as she looked up toward the door and met Chaces sneering gaze. Quietly Skye said, “Chace, we can explain….” He cut her off sharply, “You by God have a very good explanation. I can’t believe this!” Chace turned and walked toward the living room in tears. They heard glass break and a painful scream come from living area. “AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG!!!!”

Quick as they could Madysin and Skye grabbed clothes and made it to the living room. Chace was pacing back and forth and he was sobbing heavily. Madysin walked towards him and reached out for his arm. “Chace.” she said softly. “Calm down honey. It’s not exactly how you think.” He jerked his arm away from her reach and yelled, “Well then explain to me how the hell it is exactly, huh! I come home after a business trip hoping to surprise you with flowers and instead I get a surprise. WELCOME HOME TO ME!” “This isn’t how we had planned to tell you! Actually we had hoped it would help things.” Skye exclaimed. “Wow Skye how brilliant! You thought doin’ my girlfriend behind my back and turning her into a lesbian would be helpful. Are you out of your mind?” Chace ranted. “That is not what is going on, if you would calm down and listen you would understand.” Skye begged.

Chace stormed over to the couch and sat down. “You have the floor. GO ahead. BY all MEANS explain.” he sneered and settled back against the cushions. Slowly Madysin approached him and sat on the opposite end of the couch. Slowly and softly with tears running down her eyes she began to speak, “First of all, I am not a lesbian. This is a new experience for me. I can’t explain my attraction to Skye, but I do know it is more than physical. I have been empty for so long. You are always working. I won’t feel guilty for having needs that you aren’t around to fill!” “How long has this been going on?” he asked quietly. Skye answered first, “It’s only happend a couple of times in the last two weeks. We had every intention of talking to you. We want to sort this out. Madysin loves you Chace, she doesn’t want to leave you. You are my best friend, I don’t want to loose what we have.” “HA!” Chace exclaimed. “This is how you show your loyalty to me Skye? And you Madysin, this is how you show love? You two are unbelievable! What did you think that I was going to jump for joy and just join right on in?”

“Maybe at some point……we haven’t really gotten that far. This isn’t easy Chace.” said Skye. “It isn’t easy because you got caught!! How am I supposed to know that you were going to tell me anything.” Chace replied. “I have never kept anything from you in my life, and I certainly have no intention of starting now. Deep inside you must know that.” Skye exclaimed. “I have to get out of here. I need to think. I need to be alone.” Chace said as he got up off the couch. “NO!” Madysin screamed, “Don’t leave like this. We need to talk this out. Please.” “I’m sorry, I just can’t. I need to sort things out in my head.” And with that Chace headed to the hall, grabbed his keys and stormed out the door. It would be three days later before he would return.

Chapter 3 – Erupting Visions

He finished dinner quietly. The waitress smiled widely as he handed her the tip. He sauntered slowly out to his car and effortlessly slid behind the wheel. “I should go home.” he thought as he sighed deeply. But he knew he wouldn’t. He started the car and headed back to the church like so many nights before over the past few weeks.

Three days after he found out he returned to their house packed his belongings and moved out. He just couldn’t reconcile what had occurred. It took several more days before he would speak to either of them again. He remembered what he felt when he first opened the door. For a moment he was aroused, but shock and the feeling of betrayal over took him.

For over a month there have been texts, emails, phone calls, lunches and dinners between the three of them. Relentless conversations an proposals of how they could move forward, instead of a “normal” couple but now a threesome. Options, there were so many options. He could watch, or he could participate. Another option was that Madysin could spend three nights with him and three nights with Skye. His head was spinning. Was this really happening? Surely this was some kind of nightmare and he was just dreaming.

Over the last week he had been distant. Chace has battled within himself in how to proceed. One night at dinner he talked to a longtime friend and colleague about the situation. His friend called him an idiot for not climbing into the bed with the girls immediately. “My God Chace, that is every man in America’s fantasy isn’t it?” he remembered his friend saying. But that was easy for him to say. And at one time he would have thought the same thing. Both Madysin and Skye claim he is being ridiculous. They say with time and “practice” they could work it out. Maybe they could in time. However at this point it was highly doubtful.

He still felt the darkness rising inside of him. It was pulling and luring him further and further down. Somewhere in the back of his mind he started to hear a inner voice. The voice conjured up deep feelings that were at times overwhelming. Anger. Loss. Sadness. Hate. Animosity. Frustration. Pain. Pain that ran through every fiber of his being. How could they do this to him. Yes he had neglected Madysin emotionally, but when you are building a future sacrifices must be made. What had she sacrificed? Where was her contribution of blood, sweat, and tears? Suddenly in a flash he was overcome with a most vivid image. He saw both Madysin and Skye, they weren’t moving. They were surrounded by something thick and dark. Chace rubbed his eyes, searching for focus. Then it started to become clear. There they were surrounded by blood. It was a thick deep crimson. He could see that now. And then in another instant it was gone. “Whoa!” he exhaled as he wiped sweat from his brow. “Where did that come from?” he thought.

He arrived back at the Church without incident. No one saw him go in as usual. He took his place in the balcony window and sighed. What was he doing here? It had been three weeks now since he had first snuck into this building and watched his old house. There was no break though or simple solution that presented itself. He was just as confused now as he had been when he came home that fateful night. He knew it was his choice alone to leave the house. Even still he couldn’t help get swept up in the sadness and loss. He missed their house. He missed little things that he had always taken for granted. He missed the soft, sensual sent that seemed to float on Madysin’s skin. He missed how she combed her hair. More than anything he missed feeling her hands caress his body as they lay in bed with her firm breasts pressed into his back and her legs rubbing against his own. He missed Skye too. He missed being able to confide and trust in her. He missed hearing her carefree laugh.

But now all that he missed seemed so out of reach. It seemed so far removed that he didn’t know if he could ever find his way back. He often sat and envisioned Skye and Madysin all cuddled up in his bed after they had moved out of his line of sight and turned out the lights in the living room. He closed his eyes and his head pressed against the window sill. Their silhouette’sdanced inside his head. He could see them embracing and kissing ever so softly. He could see Skye running her fingers through Madysin’s dark brown hair. He could hear their heavy breathing with distinct clarity. He saw their garments slowly slide down each of their bodies.

Panting. Sweating. Moaning. Groping. Kissing. Breathing.

Then he imagines Madysin leading Skye toward the bathroom. He can hear the shower running and the water beating hard on the tile. The steam is rising and floating all over their naked bodies. He hears the glass door snap shut. At first he can only see their outlines through the glass. He sees a hand pressed against the glass and slowly sliding down. He can hear the moans getting louder. Like the blink of an eye the door blocking his view is transformed. It’s as though he is perched on a chair within the shower watching him. Skye’s hands tracing the long outline of Madysin’s body. Soap bubbling between her fingers. Madysin, now facing Skye extends her arms to the top of the shower door and tightly she holds on. As Skye slides her slender fingers between Madysin’s legs she lets out a needful “AAAaaahhhh.” from her sweet lips. Madysin pulls Skye toward her and they begin kissing. Deep and soulful. Their tongues dancing back and forth in and out of each other’s mouths.

BAM! BANG! POP! Chace is snapped back to reality. His eyes get back into focus and he sees a car speeding down the street backfiring. It sounded rough and loud as it rambled by. He runs his hand though his curly hair. Soaking in sweat, he inhales a deep breath and exhales slowly. That was intense, almost real. He looked out the window only to see the living room light out and Skye’s car was gone. Maybe he should go to the house and see if Madysin was awake. He would love nothing more than to crawl into what used to be his bed and feel her soft embrace. Maybe they could make it work somehow. Couldn’t he just give in?

Once again he felt the darkness starting to surround him. He felt as though he were being pulled down very deep. He closed his eyes once again in an attempt to shake it off, but to no avail. The darkness now surrounded him completely. Then as his eyes focused he was standing in something thick and sticky. As he tried to walk it felt as though it was becoming paste like. Then the color started to come into view. He saw the two bodies lying on the floor, once again surrounded by something dark. As he moved closer he realized the thick and sticky fluid was coming from the bodies. Their faces started to come into focus. It was Madysin and Skye lying in a still embrace. Suddenly Chace knew the fluid type paste was blood. First it was dark and deep then it became like crimson.

Chace opened his eyes and he was shaking and breathing hard. Enough……he had to get out of here. Sleep, that’s what he needed. He was just over taken by exhaustion and the strain from the situation. He had to get a grip on this. He was beyond frustration and desperately trying to succumb to the pain. He chastised hisself for having too vivid an imagination. Once again Skye’s words rang in his ears, “Chace, sweetheart, you are making this more difficult than it has to be. You are being ridiculous. We can get though this, it is just going to take time and it is going to be work.” But he just didn’t see it that way, he couldn’t.

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