Free web hosting vs owning a domain

There is only one option that will really work for you.  Your business should have its own name ($13.50/year of control of 000Domains.Com) and it has good service that you will be pleased with.  I utilize both Even.Com and JumpLine.Com.

While there are other available fine services, these two offer valuable entrance level attractions.  $5.95/month will buy extensive resources in Even.Com provided you do not need cgi or statistics initially.  HitMatic is a service free that provides great statistics for you.  JumpLine.Com in $14.95/month can be the best election, for the capacity of CGI and adequate statistics is included.

If you need a service that provides a cart, americart is very good, and is available by Even.Com for about $15/month, but anyone can sign up to use it for $21/month even if you don’t use  JumpLine.Com offers a check out cart as part of its package for $24.95/month.  Nevertheless, it is limited.  If you can live with the available format, JumpLine can be the best election.  Note that the check out carts will only only take the orders.  You will need an merchant sellers account also, that takes credit cards. Establish fees range from approximately $300 and up according to how much of a service you need.  The monthly fees can go up as high as $25.

Now with PayPal, if you have a verified account, you can set up a free merchant account, but it will charge you a small fee every time you sell something. This is great if you don’t mind the small fee, or if you are not selling a lot of stuff per month. If your sales are over a thousand dollars a month, i would recommend you get a real merchant account. Pay pal now offers real merchan accounts for 25 dollars a month with no set up fees. This is a great alternative if the system you use will accept pay pal formats. (For economic options, see “Takes credit Cards The Cheap one”.)  This article was a short excerpt from

In closing, it is always better to own you domain name, because it allows customization of your web site and gives you more flexibility than if you are using a free host. Also, free host now like to stick random advertisements on your site as a way to “pay” for your site being hosted, and these can be off topic and mess with your google rank. It will always be better to pay the few extra dollars and get your own website name then to use a free hosting service in my honest opinion.

-Brandon Cobb aka Darksun22

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