Building you own site vs hiring a professional

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Employing someone to put a new sit together can cost thousands of dollars.  More important, you can find mistakes that can potentially cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost revenue and lost time to redesign the site to your liking. It is better to build your own pages, because you have complete control of what your customers will see.

When you are doing you art work, i would hire a professional. You want your art work to be top of the line and not look like hand me down art. Once the site is established, you can afford to pay a professional to come in and redesign some of the features in your site. Instead of spending thousands of dollars to design the original site, you can just spend a few hundred dollars and get some specific work done to increase the usability of your site.

If your workload is too much for you to embark on the task, it is always a good to ask someone that is working for you at the moment to do the site if your business is small. This way you will not have to bear the grunt of the work, but at the same time you will be able to still have complete control of what the site looks like by working with that person.

If you have tested all avenues, and a professional webmaster seems like the way you want to go, you need to consult a few and see which one will give you the better deal. Make sure you are being hosted by a host that is established and will have a very high up time.

If you are very new to the web and don’t know where to begin, but are willing to learn, there is a great site called SBI that will walk you through the process of building you own site. This is a great program and i personally have build 2 sites with it. You will be paying a few hundred up front, but it will be well worth the knowledge and control that you get in return.

All in all, the best thing to do is build your own site if your time allows. This will give you the control you want and the price you want, and at the same time increase you knowledge of the web. This article was a short excerpt from

-Brandon Cobb aka Darksun22


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