HTML vs Other Web Page Editor

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You need to have at least a basic understanding of html. This is really easy to learn from a number of sites on the internet. I would say that you need to learn a bit of css also.

Html editors are clear winners vs writing pure html. If you do a time to cost analysis, you will see that you will save a ton of time using a editor than trying to write pure html code. A very good site to use is site build it. I have personally build 2 sites using SBI and i would recommend it to anyone that isn’t great with front page. SBI makes the whole process a breeze, and is really fun to use. I would say that if you have a little experience, go with front page or another front running html editor. You do need to invest in something.

For those old fogies out there. There are still a few advantages of using pure html. If you get a template for your site and plan on using the same page layout, Pure html can be quick after the initial writing of the first page. I have personally wrote a few pure html pages, and it is not something that you want to do all the time. The time it take will really outweigh the cost of an editor if you are doing this for a profit. Not to mention that the slightest mistake and you will have to redo you html, troubleshoot the problem, and re upload the page.

I really recommend that you use SBI if you are a beginner. If you would like more information about this, you need to Google it. SBI will take the hard work of manually submitting your pages to Google. This is a huge help and will get you some free page rank.

All in all the clear winner is using a good editor. While knowing pure html will come in handy sometimes, you will not have to use it very much. If you want to do something that you editor does not support, i would suggest copying a source code from a site that looks like the page you want and use it as a template in case things start to get jumbled up to much for comfort. The page editor will easily repay you the 200 dollars or so that it initially cost. This article was a short excerpt from

-Brandon Cobb aka Darksun22


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