Facebook: Massive Lead Generation Strategy

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When you find someone on Facebook that is a potential customer (either by the groups they belong to, the books they read, the business they run, or any number of other clues), you want to invite them to be your friend. When you do, it’s a good idea to leave them a message describing how you know them and asking them something about them selves. For example: “Hi Matthew, I notice we’re both part of a small business group. I’m looking for friends in business. What’s your company? Tell me a bit about what you do

If you don’t hear from somebody but they accept you as a friend, you are then welcome to send them another note similar to: “Good to have you as a friend, John! I don’t think I know you personally. Tell me something interesting about yourself. What is it that you do?”

These are the exact messages I use to get in contact with potential customers on Facebook. People generally respond well to them because I’m asking them questions about themselves. People love talking about themselves.

When people start responding to these messages, you want to ask them more questions. Questions make three things possible. With them you can easily:

1) draw people into a conversation
2) control the conversation so it doesn’t wander off onto some other topic, and
3) keep the conversation as short as possible.

We, as business people, are not interested in wasting time. So you want to keep these conversations short while still being social and conversational.

To do this, you must know exactly what information you’re looking for so you can guide the conversation. For example, I teach business owners how to get more traffic to their web site. That being the case, the first message I send to someone I want to find out if they run their own business (which is why I ask “What is it that you do?” in the examples above).

If they do run their own business, I want to find out if they have a web site.

If they do, I want to find out if they’d like to get more traffic to that site.

If they do, then I have established a connection with a potential customer. I can now offer them my services. I can even give them free advice based on their situation and really score points with my potential customers.

It’s very simple: Keep your emails short and to the point, and ask them questions about themselves to find out if they’d benefit from what your business offers. You can find many new leads a day this way, and the great thing is you have established a personal connection with them in the process.


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