How to start a business

If you begin a new business, you should file a DBA (Doing the Business As statement) or the equivalent of one in the county or the state in which you will work.  After filing, you may need to
be published.  Then you need to open a bank account separate for the business.  The costs will vary from state to state.  In California the minimum is approximately $50 for the DBA and $10/month for the bank account.

Also consider any special state or local licenses requisition fees.  If you need an accountant, the costs rise.  Then return to a lawyer, and they will review all of your papers, and you will have a business.  But you may need to consider these options on account of the products or services that you offer may not sell, as well as in an offline business.  You may need to consider insurance and other obligations.  The constitution of corporation (incorporating your business) can provide still more protection for your personal assets. I would recommend incorporating your business for peace of mind’s sake.

Opening a business on your own is an obligation to yourself. I would also recommend that your business start by paying any employees on a 1099 so you will rid yourself of any self employment taxes that you would otherwise have to pay. This also gives your business the ability to chose employees of your liking, and provide even more business protection from employees. You need to have a good business model ready and the first few weeks will be the most important to keep you motivated.

This is a very make or break time for your business. These first few steps are very crucial to the start of a business that is going to thrive. I would recommend that you get a accountant that you like and a small time attorney for all of the questions that you will run into during this whole process. You will be on your way to starting a thriving online or offline business in a matter of days. If you are starting an online business, you will have a ton more decisions to make, and all of those questions will be answered in my short eBook at the below address. Html, web hosting, and hundreds more of your questions will reveal themselves in a matter of minutes. There are many more steps that will be required in order to make you first dollar. This article is a short excerpt from  

-Brandon Cobb aka Darksun22

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