3 Tips For Getting Acne Free Skin

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Nobody wants acne, that would be like wishing for bad teeth.  The one thing that makes someone more beautiful is their clear complexion.  A person’s skin usually reflects how well they take care of themselves.  Clear skin also makes a person more confident and increases self esteem.

Acne can occur on anyone at any age.  Teens are usually more vulnerable because of the imbalance of hormones that is occurring in their bodies.  This is due to the fact they are undergoing puberty and enduring physical changes.

Here are three tips for the prevention and eradication of acne.  Start with a healthy diet for healthy skin.  Fruits and vegetables, not junk foods, are the best foods to consume to keep healthy skin.  Juices and smoothies can be substituted for whole fruits and veggies. 

 Next, increase consumption of water.  Water is the major detoxing and cleansing agent to remove all toxins from the body.  It is crucial to drink at least six to eight glasses of water everyday to keep skin acne free. 

Supplements and vitamins can also be used to remove toxins and skin diseases.  There are a few special supplements that are good for fighting acne.  Two such supplements are Maca and Manuka honey.

Make use of natural skin products.  Do not buy products that are not dermatologically approved because they maybe a threat to skin.  Herbal soaps help control oil production in the skin.

If these three tips are implemented into a daily routine, changes in the skin will be more noticeable and self esteem and confidence will be more positive.


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