Project Management Training

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Although a number of teaching organisations can offer Project Management Training, there are few companies who are well placed to deliver formal courses supported by sound practical experience. Each course should be tailored to the requirements of the individual client and typically include a one day overview course and a two day more intensive programme.

Main Project Management Training Objectives

Effective project management training should typically achieve the following:

  • Raise the knowledge, skills and performance of personnel to improve the overall capital productivity of the company.
  • Address the gaps and weaknesses identified through an ACTIVE company assessment.
  • Give participants practical guidance, techniques and procedures which they can use in the management of their projects.

The key topic areas of the programme
1. Project Concept and Definition
• Project Objectives
• Defining the Scope of a Project
• Planning and Estimating
2. Project Team Management
• Project Team Leadership
• Team Building and Integration
• Team Roles and Responsibilities
3. Supply Chain Relationships
• Project Procurement Practices
• Supplier Selection Processes
• Contract Dispute Resolution
4. Information Management and Communication
• Setting a Project Information Management Strategy
• Document Management
• Communication Processes in Projects
5. Project Risk Management
• Assessing Risk on Projects
• Eliminating and Mitigating Risk
• Contingency Planning and Risk funds
6. Innovation and Continuous Improvement
• Intellectual Property Protection
• Sustaining Continuous Improvement
• Capturing Learning
7. Project Execution
• Project Monitoring, Reporting and Reviewing
• Managing Construction Safety
• Project Handover and Commissioning
8. Project Performance Measurement
• Setting Key Project Performance Measures
• Project Stakeholder Management
• Benchmarking Projects

By following the above project management training programme you can ensure that your employees are equipped with the skills required to carry a new project from conception to completion.


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