Cooking sausages

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You will need:



-Diced tomatoes


* I did not calculate the exact amounts*

Step 1

How to make a quick meal and still taste great. Gather a few sausages, and cut them into smaller pieces about 1″ to 1″1/2. In your frying pan, add oil and paprika. The paprika offers a different color and taste to the sausages. Now, fry your sausages this should not take much time, since they are already cute. You may add a pinch of salt and pepper on the sausages to add some taste. As well as adding hot sauce such as tabasco, this can spice things up for you. Once everything has been fried, you are ready to start the second step. 

Step 2 

Gather your diced tomatoes that you can buy in a can, this will save you a faire bit of time. Although if you want you can dice the tomatoes yourself. However right before that, in your casserole fry some thinly sliced green peppers preferably. This will give a color contrast if you are looking to make a good impression. Even though the taste of this dish should be good enough to make a good impression. Anyways let’s get back to our tomatoes. Once you have fried the peppers in your casserole add the diced tomatoes and let it all simmer for a few minutes. Once you deem the “sauce” ready, add your sausages to the tomato casserole and your dish will be completed. Serve the meal in one big platter for everyone to pick from. This dish can be used as a meal or an entree. 


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