The Divided Indian Society -2

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The Divided Indian Society – 2

The Indian society remains divided into three classes called upper, middle and lower classes. Though the society does not have any clear-cut compartments to divide or segregate these classes, the differences between them are apparent by their life style.

The bulk of the Indian society belongs to the middle class. These people are in a way acrobatic in their way of living because they confine themselves within the specific economic boundaries and never overstep them.Most of them try to come up in life by virtue of their educational qualifications or through their family professions like agriculture or any other business.They are conscious of the fact that by virtue of getting educated their lives get polished, become cultured, besides qualifying them to get jobs and promotions in their jobs; education is also helpful to run their family business. Hence, they concentrate more on their wards education and spend considerable time in their educational activities.

Most of them run their families within their limited income or resources by preparing a budget. The middle class people strongly believe in savings since they are constantly worried about their future. Hence, they always save a part of their income through various schemes for the purpose of higher education of their wards, their marriage and for their business. They are very particular in retaining their family assets, movable and immovable properties. By virtue of their savings, some of them also expand their business, acquire additional movable and immovable properties. However, most of them are struggling hard to have their both ends meet.

The middle class people are mostly religious and pious.They generally accept and believe in the social and moral values, sanctity of the social institutions like marriage and other traditional ceremonies. They also care much for the people’s opinion. Hence, they are always conscious of the fact that their wards are to get married without getting rebuked by the society. With a single minded concentration towards the marriage of their wards, they even save in piecemeal and accomplish their task in a planned manner with ease as and when opportunity comes.

In case of any violation in the accepted social norms and moral values, they feel ignominious; so as to safeguard the traditional family values and principles, they even commit crimes. They highly cherish chastity of a married woman and never encourage extramarital affairs or adultery which is a crime according to Indian law.

Another characteristic feature of the middle class is that they are always living according to a plan and their life style is always simple. Even if they have a chance to improve their life style, for example, even if they have a chance to purchase a car, they never use it for a lavish lifestyle and always guided by the principle of necessity.

The middle class being always conscious of their future and retaining the resources available at their disposal, save their movable and immovable properties rather carefully for the benefit of their posterity. In order to ensure their safety, they also avail all the available legal remedies like ‘wills’, ‘settlements’ and ‘gifts’ etc so as to bequeath their properties in favor of their wards.

In short, we can even say that the middle class people besides living systematically, also safeguard the traditional, social and moral values of the society; in turn it results in upholding our culture, besides keeping the image of our country in high esteem among the comity of Nations.


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