What I’ve Learned from Living in the Country

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If you live in the country, or plan to live in the country, there are a few simple things that are important to know. I have learned these things from more than 30 years of country living.

Goats are escape artists.

A raccoon can take the lid off of any garbage can.

A neighbor’s dog will kill sheep.

Where you see one cat in the barn, there are probably at least three more watching you from their hiding places.

Most people will wave as you pass by – even if they don’t know you.

Not all neighbors are friendly.

Store-bought eggs cannot compare to fresh chicken eggs.

Goats really do have personality!

Guineas are very noisy and will let you know when a car enters the driveway.

Ducks poop a lot.

When word gets out that you feed them, stray cats will show up in herds.

Keep the chickens away from your young tomato plants!

If you have ducks, don’t plan on letting your kids swim in the kiddie swimming pool.

Friends, relatives and neighbors are always happy to offer their opinions without being asked.

Farm animals have great entertainment value.

There is no smell so great as line-dried sheets.

Animals die.

Children love being in the country.

Only name the animals you don’t plan to eat.

Keep enough supplies on hand so you don’t have to get out when the weather is bad.

The animals still must be fed and watered – even when it is five degrees outside, there are three feet of snow on the ground, or there is so much rain that your house is going to become an Ark!

Roosters will begin crowing at 3 a.m.

Some roosters like the tree next to the master bedroom.

Goats poop a lot.

Fainting goats really do faint and possums really do play possum.

Possums love cat food.

Un-neutered male goats do really disgusting things.

A lawn tractor is NOT the same thing as a farm tractor.

Not all veterinarians treat farm animals.


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