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When creating a blog, you must put it at the back of your mind that it is very simple & easy. There are so many newbie who fears the idea of blogging but once you have successfully create one, blogging can be fun and PROFITABLE!

Here are the steps;

1)     Choose a free blogging operator

For a start, go for a free blogging operator. There are lots of them on the World Wide Web. I will give you few of them that are most popular. It is then left for you to decide on which one of them you will go for.

  • Blogger;

This is owned by Google. It is the most simplest and easy to use. There are lots of users on it. You can easily upload your photos or videos unto your blog within few minutes. The interface is made so easy that I think even a 12 year-old child can create his own blog using blogger. This English is simple and you don’t need to have the knowledge of HTML before you can blog. All the HTML codes have been done already so you won’t be seeing all this. Another advantage of using Blogger is that the moment you open an account on it, you post a new topic and click on the PUBLISH button, within few minutes, the Google search engine will index it immediately thus bringing you unto the web for everybody to see. Don’t you like the sound of it?

  • WordPress;

I love WordPress because it is the first blog operator I went for when I started blogging two years ago. It is simple as well and easy to use but the truth is that it is not as ‘babyish’ at blogger.  It takes a little wisdom to get to understand WordPress quickly. If you are not in a hurry, I will suggest that you go for WordPress. You can take your time to go to its site; and thoroughly study the ‘how to blog’ on it. Mind you, WordPress has two method of blogging;

a)     There is free WordPress software that you can download, install on your PC and manually operate by you to blog. This is more used by people who knew more about coding and the FTP transfer of files.

b)     This second one is like blogger. If you are in the right site, which is on the site of WordPress, look for the one that states; get a free blog now. This is appropriate for you. Go for it.

  • Livejournal;

This is popular too. You can check it site on It is free.

  • Overblog;

Another free blogging operator, site is

  • Tokoni

This is more than a free blog but I put it here, maybe you will find it very interesting if you check it out. I love Tokoni because it is a place where you can share your life story, or any stories that may have occurred to you or someone or even outside issue. The more you share the stories, the more you are blogging. Why not go to it.

2)    Give it a title;

When a child is born, he will surely be given a name and everybody can call him by that name. The same goes for a blog. You must have a name for it.

For example, you decide to create a blog; so let’s title it –PRINCESS AYELOTAN

Note: you must give a title that is relevant to the subject of your blog. This means that your blog title must rhythm with it content. E g, if we choose PRINCESS AYELOTAN as the title, then it means the content will have to be about who is Princess Ayelotan, what she does, her brief or long biography, her professional book (Portfolio), her exhibitions, etc.

 3)    Blog web-name

DO NOT let the web –name you choose for your blog be different from you blog title. They must bear the same name. It is more professional and if anyone visit your blog, they will be more comfortable seeing that you really know what blogging is all about.


 A blog is titled: LIFE IN LONDON

Then you come to check on the web-name and discover that it is called; If you are the one reading the blog, I believe you will be a little bit confused, right?

So we will still use the same title above for further clarification. If your blog is titled; PRINCESS AYELOTAN

Your web-name must be;

How do you see it?

4)    Your  Tag

This is also called ‘Keywords’. You will select important keywords from your write-up and type them into the ‘Tab’ box. Choose relevant tags. When you write a tag, make sure you put in a ‘comma’ after it before you go on to write another tag.

Ex; we are still using the title above PRINCESS AYELOTAN

So maybe your write is about ‘introducing who Princess is’, choose Tag like –

TAG – Princess Ayelotan, Sculptor, Painting, Arts project, Takt Kunstprojektraum, Berlin.

(Note; There is a ‘full stop’ at the end)

WHY TAG? This is what the search engines will look for when they visited your blog. They need these tags to link your blog with other blogs having the same similar tags. As you keep on blogging, you will notice that there are other blogs with similar tags listed at the button of your blog. Don’t be surprise when you see them. It is the work of the search engines and they are helping you to get publicity.

Therefore, in every topic your post on your blog, make sure your tags arerelevant to the topic.  

5)    Categories

Which category do you want to place your blog or write-up? For instance, in my Passion4word (, I used categories as this; Creative Writing, Values & Worth, Change, Live Events. I stuck to these categories since.

Ensure that you give definite categories to your write-up. The good news is that you don’t have to choose the entire categories at each topic. You have the freedom to choose the ones that best fit your subject.  

6)    Be consistent

Do not create a blog and them relax or fold your arms. Like the above example about baby, a mother cannot do without feeding her child or the child will die. It is the same as a blog. The more you feed your blog, the more the search engines come calling on your ‘blog door’

You have to choose how often you will update your blog. Some bloggers do this every day! That sounds too scaring, right? They are well known by search engines because they are always updating from Monday – Sunday.

You don’t have to opt for this. Choose the convenient option. Blog twice a week, or once a week, or three in four weeks or once a month BUT don’t abandon your blog for two months or more or less. A month is the maximum for not blogging.

If your blog stays for months without new updates, you have killed it & the search engines will not come back again.

Treat your blog with seriousness; be committed to make it a success. You never can tell, your blog can bring you more client and contacts faster than your imagination. Many celebrities today become known by their blogs. Even new writers have testified of publishers contacting them after they (publishers) have seen their blogs.

Blogging is fun, it is creative, it is entertaining, it is instructive, it is promising but it requires your hard work to bring it to live.

Well, I hope this will make blogging a pleasant adventure for you! If you choose to start blogging, which I believe you will, then I wish you successes on the World Wide Web!


 Princess Ayelotan

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