How to recover lost digital photos for free

It’s easy to accidentally delete a file from your harddrive, an USB memory stick or a flash memory card. If you happen to do it withing your digital cameras interface, you won’t have a trash can to recover the file from. But even if the file seems lost forever, it’s not.

When you delete a file, the data isn’t deleted. The file is just set to deleted within a special file database. When it’s set to this, other files can be written over the data. Therefore it’s very important that you minimize the data writing to the affected drive. If it’s a flash memory in your digital camera, do not take any more photos. If it’s a harddrive, be quick to try and recover the lost file.

One of the easiest ways to recover files, is Recuva. This is a easy to use and free software that can be downloaded from Recuva is available on Windows plattforms. Install the software and launch it.


The interface is pretty simple. Use the drop-down menu to select which drive you want to scan for deleted files. Click Scan and wait. All deleted files will be listed, and you will see if it’s possible to recover them by checking the column State.

When scanning is done, mark all files you want to undelete, then click Recover. A good function withing Recuva is Preview. When selecting a file in the list, you can see it’s content. This is especially good when recovering digital photos.

I hope this trick will help you when you have some bad luck with the digital camera!

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