Wish List 101

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Most online retail sites have the ‘wish lists’ feature these days. In fact, wish lists are a great feature to make shopping even more convenient for online shoppers. A wish list is simply a list of likeable products that you come across while shopping on an online store.

Most online stores allow you to choose almost any product from their catalogue to add to your wish list, be it books, toys, gadgets, CDs, T-shirts, and more. This feature is especially useful if shoppers fancy a product for future events like festivals, anniversaries, or birthdays, or simply want to maintain a list of products and items they desire to own in the near future.

Creating a wish list on most sites is a simple task. Today, most online stores are equipped with the wish list feature, making the task of compiling a wish list a breeze. Shoppers are invited to click on the ‘add to wish list icon’ on the product detail pages, which adds the particular product to their wish list.

In the past, most shoppers kept a mental memory of items they liked on the store, while adding the more required ones to their shopping cart. The inclusion of the wish list feature helps shoppers to come back to the site and shop for the items they liked during their previous visits. This is helpful for the site owners also, as this improves ‘site stickiness’. Additionally, wish lists are an effective online sales strategy as they encourage online visitors to spend more.

While some sites allow shoppers to create a wish list without creating an account, most online stores require shoppers to create an account and sign in before they can create and manage their wish lists. Shoppers can also add more products or delete products on their wish lists easily using the available options.

Now days, shoppers can also email their wish lists to their friends and family members so that they too can take a glimpse. Many online stores encourage wish list recipients to visit their stores and create their own wish lists in turn, which they can forward to other friends as well.

Shoppers can also visit their favourite online store and see what products their friends and family have wished for. Putting it simply across, some sites allow visitors to see the wish lists of their friends and family. Due to security concerns, most sites have recently stopped wish lists from revealing private data like shipping addresses.

Wish lists are a step further in creating an amicable shopping environment for shoppers. Wish lists help shoppers to list out their favourite items and are a sales tool for online stores since these make shoppers come to the site for repeat purchases. With shoppers increasingly bombarding their friends and relatives with wish lists, online stores also receive substantial traffic from these sources.

Wish lists are beneficial for both the shopper and the online store, as they help online shoppers to list out their desired products while the stores benefit from additional purchases and increased traffic.


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