A Guide to Garden Weddings

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A Guide to Garden Weddings

Your wedding can get to be quite pricey once you factor in everything involved. However, what do you do if you want to get married and you cannot seem to afford it. Garden weddings are the best way to get married with a fortune. You see normally the venue is one of the more expensive aspects in a wedding, but by having a garden wedding you can relax.

There is nothing better then an outdoor wedding. B having a garden wedding you have a whole theme to your wedding, which is one less plan that you have to take care of. Garden weddings make flower arrangements easier too. There is a good chance that there are already flowers in the garden that you want to get married at. Perhaps you may not even need any flowers, or just a few to compliment the pre-existing ones in the garden. Now that you have the venue and the flowers taken care of, there is not much left.

Gardens are always beautiful so you do not need a lot of decorations. Another money saver for decorations too. You can take the garden theme and extend it to your decorations, by using flowers and garden foliage as your decorations. Use it in the same way for other necessity’s like center pieces and invitations. You do not have to stop there for decorations though. The possibilities are endless when it comes to garden weddings like butterflies, water aspects, like ponds which you can add lily pads and even frogs.

Getting a nice garden wedding dress is your next endeavor. Traditional wedding dresses are not a norm for an outdoor wedding. You will need something a little lighter, and not as formal. Garden wedding dresses are far less expensive then your traditional gowns. You will need some time to find a good, yet cheap wedding dress. You will want to keep the dress on the lighter side, as you may get hot at your garden wedding. Keep your dress on the short side since you will be walking in dirt.

Obviously garden weddings are the way to go if you are trying to save money. The venue itself holds everything you need to have an ice wedding. A garden venue makes your wedding a whole lot more affordable. So go and start planning your garden wedding today.

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