Being a single parent is worth rewarding

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I never thought I being a single parent is this hard but very rewarding. Financially you have to budget everything, from food, Bills, rent, nanny and everything.  After knowing my friends family that their parents are separated, dating with separated or divorce guys, I just thought I just wanted to have a baby not a husband. Until my angel came to my life during the time that I’m not  prepared yet financially and emotionally. I took handled everything since I’m the breadwinner of the family . I think God allowed it coz He said its time for me to think of myself coz ever since I started earning money it all goes to my nephews, sisters and nieces. Being a parent is the most wonderful gift from God. I’m not ashamed if what ever my friends, colleagues  would tell me how I got pregnant without the father, coz I know they expect a lot from me.

Thank God I have good job that I can support my son with all his needs and wants. Now  a days  being a single parent is not new anymore, everybody accepts it coz there are lots of broken marriages that end up to annulment or  divorce. I also think that it would be best if my son would grow up with a father on his side. Well I guess this is my luck and my life. What is the use if I have a partner who is not faithful enough and irresponsible father.  It’s better to be single parent that that and I think that’s the advantage of being single carefree feeling.


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