iPhone OS 3.0 , my favorite features

You can now download the new Operating System for your iphone, or ipod touch. It’s been avaliable for download since June 17th for a cost of $9.95. It comes with too many features to mention in one article. However, here are my personal favorites:

1- Sending MMS: You will be able to sent Multi Media Messeges after you download the new OS. This feature was only available if you downloaded a certain application. The new OS adds this feature.

2- Ability to log in youtube: Using the old OS, you could view YouTube videos but you could not access your favorites that are available in your own account. The new OS allows you to log in with your YouTube username and password so you can view your favorites.

3- You can now copy more than one photo into the same Email. Awesome feature.

4- Changing a song by shaking the iphone. Want to change a song? Just shake your iphone

5- After downloading the new OS, you will find that the iStore has movies, shows, and audio books for downloading.

There are a lot more features but I limited the ones that are my personal favorites in this article. You can down this OS from the Apple’s Software Update Store. You might have tried to download it before on its release date and received an error messege. That was because there an huge number of people downloading at the same time and the server could not take it. The problem is fixed now and you can go ahead and download it there.

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