Can You Make A No Win No Fee Accident Compensation Claim?

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The No Win No Fee accident compensation methodology was introduced in the UK back in 2000. Under this term, those unfortunate individuals that had been victims of an accident could make a claim against the other party without having to incur any legal costs. The introduction of this format brought justice to the injured victims.

It is important to know what types of damages can be claimed for using the No Win No Fee system. Before we get into a detailed description of the types of accidents for which you can make the claims one thing needs to be understood which stands throughout. This is the fact that whatever the nature of the accident, it shouldn’t have been your fault for you to be able to make the claim. In some cases this might be difficult to discern hence you should contact your personal injury lawyer to find out whether or not you can successfully make a No Win No Fee accident compensation claim in your case. Not only will your lawyer inform you regarding your eligibility of making the claim, he will also tell you what are the likely outcomes of pursuing the case and whether or not it is worth it do so. Remember, all this will not cost you a penny.

No Win No Fee accident compensation claims are most commonly made in cases of road accidents. This might include car and motorcycle accidents as well as road traffic accidents. You can consult your lawyer to file a claim against the party that has caused you damage in this case. Individuals that suffer work related injuries can also use this system to make a claim for no costs. You are even eligible to make a claim if you incur a public place injury. In such cases the state or the government will be liable to compensate you for the losses that you incur. Other common injuries for which No Win No Fee accident claims can be pursued include slip, trip and fall, head injury, back injury, whiplash injury, crush injury, animal attack injury and other construction accidents.

When you contact accident consultants you can have them undertake your injury claim with absolutely no risk to your self nor do you have to pay any money. If the case is pursued and the law firm is unsuccessful in helping you retrieve your money then even in that case you will not be asked to pay out of your compensation. In successful cases the law firm recovers its costs from the losing party’s insurers.

Irrespective of the nature of accident that you have suffered the compensation you will be entitled to receive will depend on a number of factors. Some of the most important factors included the persistence of the symptoms of the injury as well as the severity of the personal injury endured. If the injury is permanent then you are likely to receive a bigger compensation. Any residual damage from the accident is also factored in along with the loss in earnings and various other financial losses that may have resulted from the accident.

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