How to Know When you are in Real Labor

False labor pains usually pull on the front of the belly. It is a tightening and relaxing of muscles, similar to a cramp. At first, it can scare the Mom-to-be. False labor is normal; it is only a warm up to the real thing. If contractions get weaker and stay at a steady pace then it is probably false labor. Other signs you are in false labor include pains that usually are less than a half minute in length. False labor comes and goes randomly. There is no pattern to it. Usually moving around will make them go away. Real labor pains are the opposite of false labor pains. They normally start in the lower back and move across the front of the belly. Labor pains are very uncomfortable and get stronger as time passes. Other signs you are in real labor include pains that last a half a minute to more than a minute. They will start coming faster and faster and the pain will not stop with movement or changing your position. In the event, that real labor has kicked in full gear. Simply focus on an object, breathe in through your nose, and blow out slowly through your mouth. Kind of like slow motion candle blowing. Do not panic and nor do this fast, or you will hyperventilate. Stay focused to help control the urge to push until you are at a doctor. Tips: Do not panic, labor is one of the most natural thing in the world. It is just a challenge we are not use to dealing with very often. All pregnancies are different. I had seven pregnancies and they were all different and very unpredictable. If you think, you are in labor call your doctor, especially if you are pre-term. If you think something is wrong, be on the safe side and contact your doctor. Warning: I am speaking from a mother’s point-of-view I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. You pay your doctor or nurse for healthcare and guidance in your journey to motherhood, call and let them know your concerns.

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