Answering Your No Win No Fee Queries

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It is extremely important for the residents of UK to know that they have something like the No Win No Fee contract system to take advantage of in case they suffer from an unfortunate accident. The No Win No Fee contract system was introduced in the year 2000 when it replaced the unfair and cumbersome Legal Aid system. With the No Win No Fee contract the injured party can make accident compensation claims without having to pay any legal fees irrespective of whether they win or lose the claim.

Basically this contract is drawn up between your lawyer and your self and must be in accordance with the Law Society rules. In actual legal terms this contract is referred to as a Conditional Fee Agreement. This title actually gives a better understanding of the contract. This is because although there is no legal fee that you will have to incur there is something known as the disbursements that you might have to pay for in case you lose the claim.

It is generally understood that you don’t have to pay a penny if the law firm successfully manages to retrieve your claim. However what happens when you lose the case? In no situation will you be asked to pay your own lawyer, the written contract guarantees you this. You might have to pay the costs of your opponents in case you lose along with other costs including court fees and the cost of taking out medical reports and doctor’s fees.

Before you start losing hope know that reputable organizations like Accident Consultant actually offer you an after the even insurance compensation. You do not have to pay to avail this insurance compensation as the company pays for the premium before hand. However there may be certain cases where the company does not offer after the event coverage. This is why it is important to read the terms and conditions of the company prior to taking them on.

Another common question that people have is whether they are eligible to make an accident compensation claim using the No Win No Fee system. In order to qualify for the claim not more than three years should have passed since you suffered the injury in an accident. The amount of compensation that you will be able to secure is totally dependant upon the severity of your injuries. This might also include the pocket expenses that you have had to incur as well as the loss of earnings that resulted because of the accident. Once the law firm is successful in retrieving your claim you will receive the full amount without having to pay for anything. Similarly if you lose, you will not be asked to pay any fees.

When you file for a No Win No Fee accident compensation claim your case will be handled by a team of personal injury lawyers. These lawyers will be members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and will therefore be able to handle your case with their expertise.

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