AC/DC Black Ice Album Review

When AC/DC released their latest album Black Ice last year, it became their bestseller instantly. The Australian rock band seems to show off themselves as unstoppable rock leaders who will definitely never ever refuse to quit no matter what. Black Ice highlights their extremities in exceptional artistry here-surely; you would say time did not taint their luster.

Black Ice topped the charts as it went on getting the distinction as Columbia Records’s biggest debut album in history. It has been certified multi-platinum in major areas of the world. It garnered  favorable reviews from various distinguished music portfolios, not only that, I have seen many video reviews made for this album. As which, they also get a good review from me.


Enough about their humongous rewards. Let us talk about their un- clichéd masterpiece. “Rock ‘N Roll Train,” is humming into my ears as I write this portion of the review. I just realized that I have been unconsciously tapping on the floor and imagining the how Angus Young showcases his smoothly done guitar riffs as they bawl gently, tugging my sleepy brain cells. AC/DC makes obvious to us that rock is in,  even in our pop-laden culture. They demonstrate their great song writing skills on this track.

“Anything Goes,” is sweet music to my ears. It is my type of track that I can listen to repeatedly while driving my car. What I characteristically like in this track is Brian Johnson’s powered bluesy vocal lines combined with the funky beat, and the part where they entered from the verse to the instrumental by just playing a greatly thought about guitar riff (this really makes me move into a groove whenever I play it.)

Don’t you worry for they have not strayed away from writing songs in their classic theme like sex in the track, “She Likes Rock and Roll,” war, “War Machine,” and rock. The intro in War Machine makes me jump off into my uniform and get ready for battle.  That is how auditory they are in perfectly envisioning how they can make someone use the imagination.

By the way, the singing of Brian Johnson here did not also fade with time. He still sings so gutsy, and he confidently knows what he is doing.

If you are a die – hard AC/DC fan, this album is an addition to your collection.  If you haven’t listened to them, and you just read this, you would find yourself being transported to a new world of rock.  Black Ice’ elegantly done, masterfully created tracks are worth of your time, and you may even find adding more extra time to your busy lives. The eight years of waiting for AC/DC is ended majestically by their groundbreaking masterpiece. Worth waiting for, I suppose.

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