Cheap summer vacations. Pitch a tent

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Cheap summer vacations can be relaxing or hectic, me I prefer the relaxing type. Have you planned your yet? If not why not? Do not give me the bull of money to tight, high gas prices etc. We all need to have cheap summer vacations, which help us to relax.

So how can you plan for cheap summer vacations this year? Simple grab a tent and pitch it in the great outdoors. Of course, a camper if you have it is much better, but pitching a tent is good too.

I will take a few cheap summer vacations this year. I am a lucky woman. Of course, these are all cheap and kind of close to home, but they will provide me with the much-needed relaxation. The first break in my routine begins this Saturday when I head out of town to begin a three-week stay in the camper.

Camping is one of those cheaper vacations if you have a private campground that will not cost you money. Ours is free to any family member, and this year cousin Dan and his wife Cindy had better join us at some point. Bring a tent and pitch it!

There is nothing as relaxing as being in the great outdoors, where you can sit and relax by a huge bonfire by night. The lighting bugs are plentiful and so are the chirps from the crickets. Oh what a wonderfully cheap summer vacation it is. The tiki torches light our way to the campers and tents and keep the wild animals from the camp when we sleep.

When morning rolls around and the sun peaks over the mountain camp begins to stir to the sound of the birds. Gather the firewood for the day and how about a nice game of redneck horseshoes.  There is a creek to cool off in for the little ones, but the shade of the private campground provides comfort to all.

Even though this is one of those cheap summer vacations, I still have to work. I will be taking my computer up and leaving it at a home within a mile of the campsite. This way I can still work and pay for the fun as it comes!

I would like to virtually invite you all to come and share our private campground. I am sure you would enjoy it as much as we all do. However, these are an exclusive type of cheap summer vacations, so if you are not family you cannot come. It is a bummer, I know for I am sure you would enjoy our cheap summer vacations, but why not clear your own campground.


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