Online writing jobs website review

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Online- writing- is a website that offer many assignments for writers. You can bid on projects and win them over. Once you win a project or if an employer hired you, you can begin to work for them. They have all sorts of writing jobs on there. They gather all of these from craigslist and put them on there. They also gather it from other sources. You can visit the website and see what is available on there.

There are permanent as well as temporary assignments. You can pick an assignment and then apply to the employer. A lot of these can be done online. There are some that you need to live near them.

They might give you ongoing assignments or you might get a one time assignment. The assignment can come from businesses, magazine, websites and private clients. It can be anywhere from $3 an article to a $1000 for a book. they have ghost writing jobs, articles, blog, copy writing, entertainment, technical and magazine writing.

There are many opportunities if you search hard enough. You might get the word spread one day. Clients might come to you more if they know your work. You get more exposure. A lot of assignments there are from real magazine and corporates. They are not from content websites. It could be interesting to visit the board once in awhile to see what they have so we can make more earnings.


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