Healthcare: students nurse can be a hazard

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Whenever you go into a hospital, you might get a student nurse or a student doctor. I would suggest that you keep a real tight eye on them for mistakes. They are the mistake troll. They make mistakes and I have witnessed it before. There are some good students and then there are some students who are very poor. They are not paying attention after a night of fun. I have seen one nursing student in my class gave a baby an emergency condition. Yes, it’s not a joke. We were mad at her but the professor kept it under the rug after she brought in a lot of gifts for that professor. Interesting story don’t you think.

What happen was that we were in the children’s floor. The baby had respiratory problems and had trouble breathing. The nursing student went up and over fed the baby with milk formula which was completely wrong. When a baby has respiratory problems, you can’t give them more food. It could cause them to suffocate. What happen was that the nursing student gave too much milk and the baby had a hard time processing it. the baby went into a respiratory arrest and couldn’t breathe. The team ran to rescue and the helicopter was called because of a bad nursing student. The baby died I think later on over some extra food. The dad was so devastated that he went over the roof. I was angry at that nursing student too but I couldn’t’ do anything. She was a mom and I don’t think she study a lot except she bribes the teacher all the time.


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