Humor: funny posts on craigslist

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Where do you go to find great news? It’s obvious that Craigslist has all the great news. I was on there and I saw hundreds of stories I could write about. I love journalism and especially the ones that really moves you. I especially like the call girl section on Craigslist. I can tell that there are a lot of women that don’t have a fully dressed occupations. There are a lot of them that work nude. This will sure make an interesting stories. I sometimes run into people that I know even putting up pictures on Craigslist.

I went over to the rant and rave section and saw a lot of posts from the locals about how some casinos are just scams. I saw a post about how there will be slot machines in the bathroom. I saw an ad about how people hate certain kind of food. I saw posts about how retired cops like to key people’s cars. I saw posts about how incest is going on in Vegas. I saw posts about how porn moms abuse their kids. There are so many posts on all section of Craigslist that would make interesting stories.

Funny posts

I usually get all of my entertainment on Craigslist. I get to see action stuff when I notice a call girl get arrested on Craigslist. That is pure action entertainment. They get arrested all the time on Vegas’s Craigslist. They even hire a lawyer to write their ads nowadays on Vegas’s craigslist. It goes like this, ” you are here in pursuant to our digression that you are only reading this because you have agree to our term and services. If you do not like what you see ahead of you, (nude photo), please turn around and leave now. If you continue to go on then you must have given us implicit agreement and anything after that is between you and I.” Any adult would understand a little love making. This is not illegal.

My mom and dad always made love and that’s how they made me. Why do you call it illegal when I’m giving my love away. Isn’t it great? Love is great baby so why is it illegal? If you’re an undercover, I would like to ask if you would like some free love. Please do not arrest me because I’m a loving person. I give out my service for less than what professional girls give out. So why should I be arrested? This is unfair and unethical to the good girls of Vegas who are just giving a little love to men with no jobs and no home. Peace. You usually see something like this right before several nude photos on Craiglist. The ads will end with a signature from Greg Allen law office, ESQ.


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