Freelance writing: how to earn more with your articles

You can earn more with your writing online if you know how to promote your content and build a large network for yourself. The website might do some promotions for you but they don’t have enough time to promote everyone work. They can only promote a little at a time. You have to promote your own content in order to get more page views. A website has at least 100,000 users and they don’t have time to promote everyone work. They can only do some promotions. You have to do your own promotions and build your own network if you want to make more money.

Promotions work really well. You will get more page views and you will earn more. You have to work hard to get people to visit your content. You might not have time but if you do you should at least spend an hour per day to promote your content online. You can save this time at the end of the day to promote your content. You can spend thirty minutes to an hour to promote your content or post them on social network like Twitter. Twitter is a great site to post your links. People might click on your post. If you have a large network on Twitter, they might visit your work more. If you have a lot of friends and family, you can use yahoo mail to send them your work. If they read your work each month then you get an extra boost in earning.

Beside promotions, you can write on hot topics so people will read more. There are some topics that are more popular than others. You want to write on topics that people will search on Yahoo or Google. Seasonal topics are great too like holidays articles. For example, Christmas articles about gift ideas are very popular during Christmas. You can write ten to twenty articles for each holiday or season and you can get an extra boost from those page views. Building a large network is important too. If you add a lot of friends on a website, you will get more readings. They will read your work and you can help with reading their work too. A large network will help you as a writer. They can help with your writing skills or tell you news about other writing opportunities. It’s fun to talk with your friends when you’re online too. It’s a great support system.

If you write articles with the right amount of keywords, it can have more views than articles with little keywords. Search engines crawl for keywords and if you have the keywords on your title or in your article then it will come up on search results. This is why you have to write a title with keywords density in mind. There are some title that won’t come up on search results because the title is too vague or the keywords are not what people would type in to search. You want to use a title that users will type in on search engine. If it’s a word that people rarely use then it might not come up on search results. You get a lot of traffic from search engines too. You have to keep search engines in mind too when you are writing your articles.

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