Freelance writing: popular topics to write about

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What are some popular topics to help you earn more? When you’re writing for these online websites, you want to keep search engines in mind. A lot of traffic comes from search engines and they are the ones who will do the clicking. People on your website might not want to click because they know you will earn. So you can forget about the people on your network, they like to read for free only. You want to focus on searchers that have no idea what you do here. They will click on whatever that they see or like.

Write about Google’s trend topic for the day

If you go to google and search for google trend. You will see a list of hot topics. You want to write on those topics. Those topics will come up on google and you will make money when people click on your articles. Usually you will see people searching for news for the day or a major event in the country or in the world. They also love to search for celebrity gosspip. I always get thousands of page views for celebrity. Although it’s not lasting but you will get thousands and your lasting content might not get this much even after six months. I’ve had lasting content that didn’t make it to a hundred either in six months, so it’s worth the rush.

Yahoo trend

Yahoo trend works well too. Many people do their searches on Yahoo. Since everyone log into yahoo for their mail, they will do searches there too.


If it’s Valentine, you can write about Valentine. If it’s Christmas, you can write about Christmas. If it’s New Year, you can write about New Year. If it’s Halloween ,you can write about Halloween. People go online to search for holiday gift ideas articles and the meaning of the holiday or recipes. They will also search for events in their town. These types of articles will bring in tons of traffic.


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