Are parents always parents or should they learn to let go as their children age?

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Are parents always parents or should they learn to let go as their children age?

The foremost thing that we have to learn as we grow as a human being is that human life has many phases, like childhood stage, adolescent stage, Adult stage which has divisions like parent stage, middle age stage, old age stage and each stage is unique and different from the other stage and no two stages can be compared with each other.

When we consider the stage of parents, it is one of the most difficult phases in life. When a couple gets married they are about to enter into the parent stage. When a married woman delivers a child, she becomes the mother and the married man becomes the father.The parents then have a onerous task but with a sweet responsibility of raising their children, besides living their own life and it is actually intertwined with the growth of their children, raising them, sending them to school and in the process teaching them all they need in their life until they grow into full-fledged children. Our task and responsibility gets doubled when we raise our children when they are teens.

Even while raising our children, we can realize that as days passed by or when each day goes on, our children learn more and grow more. What we have taught  them a year ago need not be repeated and even our way of treating them with care, love and affection also changes as days roll by. It is a stark reality that we caress our children with all our love and affection, play with them when they are babies, use perambulators to move them from one place to another and we stop doing it when our children have grown up and in fact we begin to advice our grown-up children befitting their growth and we no more treat them as babies as we used to treat them a few years ago.

Thus as parents of our children, naturally our role, in raising our children varies and gets modified as they grow physically and mentally. In other words, as parents our role in their early childhood days is with more personal touch and care, akin to the role of a nurse, but when our children is grown up, our role in raising our children turns into one of friendly and advisory, akin to that of a teacher.

When our children are babies we used to assuage them for their mental and physical sufferings, but when they are grown up, say when they attain a stage of dating as in the US or when they attain puberty and becomes ready for marriage as in India, especially in the case of a girl children, we generally restrict ourselves from probing into their personal dating or love affairs, unless our advisory role is sought by them.

Hence, it may be safely concluded that we as parents, though we are parents, should know our role in a modified context, as our children age and learn to let them go. Otherwise, we will be acting against the nature without realizing our actual role vis-a vis our children as they grow and age.


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