Make Your Job Recession Proof

With unemployment at almost 10%, job security is a major worry for many working Americans. The items below are suggestions for how you can make your job recession proof.

  1. Focus your energies on coming up with strategies to cut costs or generate revenue without significant up front costs. If you are not involved in a project that involves these goals, try to get involved with one.
  2. Find a way to stand out and distinguish yourself. Corporate branding is a great way to accomplish this. Develop a reputation as someone who is a hard worker, thrives under pressure, etc.
  3. Go above and beyond your usual job duties. Come in early, stay late, volunteer to take on additional responsibilities and make sure your boss knows about it but not in an obvious, brown nosing way.
  4. Avoid taking extended vacations. The goal is to be visible.
  5. Do more than just what you are told to do. Look around for ways to expand your skill set and make yourself more valuable to your employer. Take advantage of extra training, take the initiative.
  6. Make sure your skills are up to date and if they are lacking consider training classes or going back to school. Many companies offer courses to help employees become more proficient in certain skillsets (ex. Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  7. Adopt a no-whining policy. Companies look for those who lift people up when things are tough. Happy workers are statistically less likely to be laid off than those who complain about their jobs. In tough times the squeaky wheel does not necessarily get the grease.

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