Baked French Toast

Mix together:

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup pecans or walnuts

¼ cup corn syrup

nutmeg and cinnamon to taste, set aside.

1 cup butter sliced into 1/4 ” pieces,  set this aside,

Slicethe French Bread 1” thick and stagger the slices in 9 x 12 baking dish.  (do not substitute the bread, use only French bread)

Beat and mix together:

4 eggs

½ c. half n’ half

1 cup. milk

(or eliminate the half and half and use all plain homogenized  milk.)

1 teaspoon vanilla or maple flavoring

cinnamon and nutmeg to taste.

Pour this over bread

add the brown sugar mix to the top of the french bread slices

then lay the sliced butter on top of the brown sugar mixture.

refrigerate this 24 hours. You could freeze this at this point instead of baking it. 

Bake 350 degrees,

40 – 50 minutes. Serve with maple syrup.

If you freeze this you can get let it thaw in the refrigerator 24 hours to thaw.  Thaw completely before baking.

Fry up a pan of sausage and this is one delicious meal.

If you have leftover sausage with this you can freeze it also.

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