Removing Pet Odors From Your Carpets

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While carpets are a fantastic way to add to the comfort and appearance of your home, they attract dirt and odors like magnets. You can clean the surface of the carpet but the odors are another problem altogether. Pet odors can be one of the most challenging odors to remove from your carpet.

Sprinkle the carpet generously with baking soda and brush in to fibers using a broom. If it’s possible to let it set overnight, do so. If not try to let it set as long as possible, a couple of hours is ideal.

Vacuum the carpet thoroughly to remove as much of the baking soda as you can. You will probably not be able to remove all the baking soda, which is fine. The baking soda will mix with the water when you steam clean and help remove any stains that may have set in the carpet fibers.

Shampoo your carpet with a steam cleaner. Use a cleaning solution that specific states it has odor removing properties. There are several products available that are made specifically to target pet odors, Bissell makes one that is particularly effective.

Keeping your home adequately ventilated goes a long way in helping to remove pet odors. Air purifiers are also incredibly effective at removing the odors. You will also notice that you suffer less from allergies as the purifier will remove the dust, pollen, dander from the air you are breathing in.

You can invest in deodorizers and air fresheners if you choose to. But, it is by far more important to get the smells in your home out before they worsen instead of masking them.


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