Deep Spring Cleaning Made Easy

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We all know that household chores have a way of piling up to the point where they are overwhelming and you don’t know where to begin. Here are some tips for a deep spring cleaning that will leave your house looking great.

Get organized before you begin. Write a list of specific tasks you would like to accomplish room by room. Identify any supplies you will need before you start and make sure that you have everything you need.  

Minimize distractions. Turn off the TV, ignore email, shut your phone ringer off.  

Start at the top of a room and work your way down as you clean and straighten up. Have a laundry basket at your disposal to sort clothes that may need cleaning. Also make sure you have a separate box for items you will donate. 

Work your way from left to right, top to bottom in each room. This way you won’t miss anything. Organize and clean everything as you go. If it’s dirty clean it now. Do not fall into the “I’ll do it later” or tell yourself that you will come back to it. Chances are you won’t and it’s easier to remove the dirt as it comes than to remove caked on older dirt.

Everything in your house should have a place. Purchase a bin to place in your kitchen for mail, keys, etc. Have a bin in your living room for magazines, etc. 


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