Clean and Organize Your Garage

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There is a reason it’s called a ‘garage sale’ – because most of us stick useless stuff that we have no other use for in the garage in hopes that it will go away. Eventually the car ends up sitting in the driveway in the dead of winter because your garage is filled with miscellaneous stuff that you are afraid to throw out. Organizing your garage can prove to be an investment in time and money.

Set aside a specific day for it and stick to it. This is a task that would be easy to procrastinate on and it’s better to bite the bullet. If you know you’re garage has too much stuff in it, plan a garage sale the next day so you can rid yourself of some of the clutter. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all.

Take everything out of the garage and move it several feet away from your garage door. It’s easier to approach it from this perspective than trying to clean it with everything still in your way. Sweep the floor and use a hose to get the floor clean again.

Store bicycles/sporting equipment on the wall using hooks so they are out of the way. Keep all athletic equipment in the same area. You can purchase racks for everything at a sporting goods store or make shelves and hooks on your own.

Stackable plastic boxes or crates can be used to store tools, car parts. Use clear ones so you can see what’s inside without opening the lids.

Everything in the garage should have a place. Go through the items you pulled out of the garage and decide where it’s place should be or if you can throw it out or sell it. Have a box ready to place items you will donate, another for items you will sell, and a large trash bag (or several).

The best way to organize your garage is to keep it organized to start with. Once you have a system set up, try to stick to it so a molehill doesn’t turn into a mountain.


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