Cleaning Your Painted Walls

If you share your home with pets or clumsy people, your painted walls probably show it. Whatever is on their hands, paws, what have you, ends up on your walls and then dirt and dust particles stick to those places. Keeping your painted walls clean is actually much easier than you would expect.

First you will need to remove all the dust and dry dirt by dusting your walls from the top down. You can also dust your ceiling while you are up there. Open your windows to air the place out while you’re dusting.

Wash your walls starting from the bottom and working your way up to the top. Water streaking on clean walls is much easier to clean up.Take a cloth dipped in cleaning solution and wipe in a circular motion all the way up the wall. Take a cloth dipped in clean water and rinse the area you just washed. With a towel or clean rag and dry the cleaned and rinsed area.

Move to the next section of the wall and repeat. Check for streaks when you get to the top. Eliminate any streaks with the towel.

Regularly dusting your walls will keep stains from forming. Even dusting once a week will make a huge difference. Try to use a dusting product that will act as a magnet for the dust rather than just moving the dust around. Swiffer makes an excellent product that does exactly this. Clean marks as soon as you see them even if they are just dirty fingerprints.

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